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Sunday, November 15, 2009


Does the Gadsden Flag offend anyone here? And if it does, tell me why, and please tell me you know it's history. I have a reason to ask.
Updated: Even on football day, you can bring out Patriots. The reason I asked, I was labled today as being Anti-Obama. Not in such a nice term though. I have Gadsden stickers on my car.
I am very proud of the heritage born from this movement. It is hard to explain to an individual that has already made up his/her mind, what it is all about. I was in a corner, and I did what I would not expect myself to do. I walked away. I came home and made the first part of this post. I also asked Politico, American Thinker, and Drudge, to do a story on the Gadsden. Not sure if they will, but I did ask.
After such a great day yesterday, today was a misdemeanor of sorts. Thanx for the replies. Strange how one can respond, with no idea of what they are responding to. Skeez