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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Major Hasan and Barack Obama

I decided to explore this a bit more. You can draw your own conclusions. It seems that Hasan, is a person of interest. Long before the shootings at Ft. Hood. Is he/was he, a member of the transition team of 2009? Apparently so.
Citizenwells :
Opinion Times:
Here is the interesting part. When I first explored this, a PDF file was available, and on page 29, Hasans name appeared. Look what happened. A disclaimer.
Susan can back me up here.

So, what changed? Or is there something we should not know? My mistake? I did not snag the PDF file, just a link, which now seems to be a cyber leaf...I apologize for that. I shall be more dillegent in the future. This raises some questions in my mind though, as it should yours.

Update:File is still available, and the worm does appear on page 29. Someone missed the bus, and I smell major bull****.