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Monday, November 30, 2009

W.H. Jobs--No Experience Necessary

From a J.P. Morgan research report. It isn't really news, most of us figured it out already, but worth a look anyway. Seems getting a cabinet job with Obama isn't requiring Private Sector Experience. Liberals will argue that private sector experience isn't needed. Looking at the 2 highest on the totem pole, I would adamantly disagree. Eisenhower, and who else but Ronald Reagan.

I'm looking hard for the Obama Administration.....Oh, there it is! Less than 10%!

American Thinker:

Just one link of a whole cyber analysis of this.

Now, I'll make this simple for Liberals. If you, are going to build a doghouse, and you want someone to advise you on how it should be done, would you pick someone, uh, maybe a friend from your past, that can spell "doghouse"? Or would you pick someone, like your neighbor, who built a very nice doghouse in his yard? Just a simple question, worthy of a simple answer.

Maybe I am wrong, that doghouse is getting built, well, doesn't much resemble a doghouse, but it is being built.

I know Tiger smacked a tree, and that should be your major concern, the Media, not FOX, says so. But isn't that a strange looking doghouse at the White House?