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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tea, Bill, and Express II

Sounds like drinks from Starbucks. I am entertaining as well as educational! :)

The Democrats are apparently asking for help from former President Bill Clinton. Flies often ask for help from spiders. They really do! Really!! Just look at Scozzafava! And I believe from reading, Bill does not like Tea! What person does not like Tea? BILL! You are from Arkansas! You don't like a tall glass of Conservative Tea?

From Politico:

Now to the Express!!

Tea Party Express II, is on the move! The agenda was never to defeat the bill in the house called Pelosicare, well part of it is, but to gain momentum. And it is working. Here is some of the latest news.

"From the Traveling Press Room of the Tea Party Express II...
CONTACT: Levi Russell - or 509.979.6615
Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama and the liberal media keep insisting the tea party movement is irrelevant - and that it has fizzled. They think they can just conduct 'business as usual.' The video below proves them WRONG!
It's from the Tea Party Express rally in Branden, Mississippi last night. THOUSANDS of people packed the venue - it was an overflow crowd that packed the bleachers above spilled out onto the performing grounds of the Rankin County Multi-Purpose Arena.


A complete schedule of the remaining Tea Party Express rallies can be found at our website:
Press inquiries, please contact:Levi Russell at 509.979.6615 or Levi@FrontlineStrat.comFor schedule details, please visit "

You can blow it off it you want, or you can welcome us with open arms. Doesn't matter a hill of beans to me. (actually it does, my personal preference would be the welcome) We are here, and it seems we are there too! We didn't quit anything! Skeez

Thanx to Susan Duclos for the heads up.

Update: Humor. You have to have humor in your life.