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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tea In Troy!

Wow! Hard to believe, something so serious, could be so much fun! Maybe about 100 actually showed up, but that's a lot better than zero. Passionate folks like you and me, telling America, just how bad the Health Care Deform really is. If you haven't been to a Tea Party, you would be amazed at how good you feel, after spending 4 hours with like minded people.

We stood on both off ramps of I 75, started handing out flyers, the Police soon stopped that, with good reason. We were impeding traffic a bit. :) But they let us stay there, as long as we stood on the grass.

For the most part, we recieved positive response from passers by, of course you have the usual people who give you a thumbs down, or the occasional #1 salute. We just smiled and waved! I would estimate about 80% positive! We should be so fortunate in elections.

After 2 hours of the Interstate, we marched about 8 miles in all, to downtown Troy, obeying all traffic signals, and talking to folks on the street. Even picked up a stranger or 2 to join in! All, in all, it was a very good day! Weather could not have been better! 65 degrees and sunny! (windows does not have a degree symbol?)

We were vocal at times, but when this video was shot, we were tired, and in a quiet neighborhood. We respect those around us.

Before we left the WalMart parking lot, where this all began, a prayer was said, followed by The Pledge Of Allegiance. All words included!