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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sarah Palin Smacks Obama On Abortion

YouTube URL found here (video below- H/T Hot Air) and full transcript of her words, more than on the video, over at CBN News from David Brody.

Brody's analysis:

You have to wonder why the McCain campaign hasn’t been trying to pummel Obama on the abortion issue up until now. Finally, Palin has gone on the attack. If they keep this up for three weeks it may give some Reagan Democrats and other pro-life Democrats pause. It may work with some moderate voters as well because notice that Palin’s remarks stay away from the validity of Roe V Wade. That is not necessarily a winning hand to gain the support of moderates. But if the McCain campaign can paint Obama as far to the left on abortion (partial birth abortion, born alive bill, etc) then that may have legs indeed. Notice how the abortion issue and Bill Ayers both play to the common theme that Obama is a scary liberal.

By the way, there was another line from Palin that stood out to me. She said the following line:“There are the world’s standards of perfection … and then there are God’s, and these are the final measure.”

An article on this is here:

Folks, if you want to know a big reason why Evangelicals and other religious conservatives love her it is because of lines like that. Saying that God’s standards are the final measure should not be discounted as just another line. It is this attitude of Palin’s that resonates with people in the heartland of this country. Call it a “ca-ching” moment.

These are the hits Palin needs to be making, these are the issues the base wants to see Barack Obama nailed on and this is the endgame so hopefully Palin will continue to pound hard and fast and not let up until election day.