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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner: 'Thousands could lose their right to vote'

Why could thousands upon thousands of people lose their right to vote? Because Brunner was just ordered by the the 6th circuit full panel of judges to comply with the law, something she has been trying to fight having to do and the 6th also told her straight up she was violating federal election laws.... we wrote about this earlier, but things have just gotten a whole lot more complicated because of this Democratic politicians attempt to violate federal election laws.

ACE of Spades is all over this story, so I will do a quick rundown but you have to follow the links...we are talking almost 200,000 registrants here.

More than 200,000 Ohioans who registered to vote this year for the first time or updated their voting information since Jan. 1 could be affected by the latest court ruling requiring the state to set up a new registration verification system by Friday, Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner said.

Brunner said she would comply with the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling late Tuesday but said she is deeply concerned that the decision is a veiled attempt at disenfranchising voters.

The court's 9-6 opinion, written by Judge Jeffrey Sutton, suggested that voters whose driver's license number or Social Security number does not exactly match those found on databases maintained by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles or Social Security Administration could be required to use provisional ballots instead of conventional ones.

"The thing that concerns me is that Judge Sutton indicated that these mismatched names could be subjected to provisional voting and nowhere in [Help America Vote Act] is that the case. The Help America Vote Act is really not meant to be used to disenfranchise or to help determine voter eligibility," Brunner said in an interview today.

"Essentially that provision of HAVA is basically supposed to maintain voter registration databases," she said. "It is not for determining voter eligibility. The interpretation that seems to be coming from at least that particular judge takes HAVA and uses it as a means to exclude voters from a regular ballot. That is a concern."

The full 6th Circuit's opinion overturned the decision of a three-judge panel at the federal court last week and restored the ruling announced last week by U.S. District Court Judge George C. Smith.

Since Jan. 1, Ohio has 666,000 newly registered or updated voters -- all of whom fall under scrutiny by this latest court ruling. Brunner said an initial review found that at least 200,000 of them might have mismatched information. Once the office identifies all of the mismatched voters, Brunner will send the list to the county boards of election where the individuals have registered.

But state Republican Party Chairman Bob Bennett said Brunner's decision to not implement the verification system sooner without the court forcing her to do so has cost county boards of election valuable time reining in examples of fraud.

"Unfortunately, her delay in providing this matching system leaves little time for election officials to act on questionable registrations," Bennett said in a statement. "Secretary Brunner should immediately issue a new directive providing clear guidance on how the boards should handle the mismatched voter data."

Ace also points everyone to Malkin who has found something equally disturbing, like people allowing ON Ohio residents to list their addresses as their own so they could cast fraudulent Obama votes.

Ace's Update:

UPDATE: Young Obama cultists signing up to vote in whatever swing state The One needs them to -- even having no connection to the state whatsoever. Apart from an in-state friend willing to claim, Oh, sure, all 50 of you live in my hovel.

There's a goddamned website facilitating this fraud -- telling you who is willing to claim you live in their house, and which states you should be fraudulently signing up to vote in.

FBI? Hello? FBI?

More from Dispatch Politics on the goings on in Ohio, which have reached the level of simply ridiculous.

Follow all the links, believe me, you will be shaking your head when you are done.

How on earth did Brunner think she was going to get away with this?