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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Obama and His ACORNs - What Tangled Webs Are Woven

In more or less breaking news, Winged Hussar 1683 posting at Grizzly Groundswell brings us news of defections from the Obama Campaign over his lack of renouncing the ACORN voter fraud scandals breaking out all over the Nation. The Google cached comments are all listed in this post and the Obama web site is being monitored for the comment deletions that are soon to come. I am sure The One cannot afford for folks to see that his implosion will continue over the ACORN debacle.

I wonder where the pollsters are. LOL! Be sure to visit there to read the comments. I would place them here but I was having a difficult time trying to decide which ones.

There can be or, there should be no doubt that Barack's fingerprints are indeed all over ACORN. He has denied it but we all know that he, at one time, was a trainer for the ACORN activists.
Obama lied about ACORN. He lied about Ayers. He lied about Rev. Wright. How can you believe what he says about taxes, education or health care?
The only folks that can actually trust Obama are the easily duped and the emotional childlike people that cannot discern that which is evil in this world. And, Barack is an evil man. Like most other Democrat Party political aspirants, it doesn't matter what they have to do or say to get into political positions of power. Power is all they are after. Obama has lied his way to where he is today, period. End of discussion.

Suitably Flip linked to a story I saw earlier at Ace's place. First, SF:
[...] The avian metaphor Ace prefers is that of the black swan, but that's inappropriate for two reasons. 1) It wasn't all that hard to predict that Obama's web of seediness was interconnected and 2) it's patently racist to use the word "black" while deigning to criticize a post-racial candidate who happens to be half black. [END]
Ace has a news tip of credible origin and we should all be hearing about it either Sunday or Monday. It has something to do with ACORN...go figure.
The tip is solid, not one of those internetish ones I occasionally peddle when I'm high on modeling glue... and hatred.
10,000 duplicate/fraudulent registrations in Hamilton County (Cincinnati) and around 8000 bad registrations in Cuyahoga County (Cleveland). Cincinnati story should be out tomorrow, Cleveland one Sunday or Monday.
Ironically, ACORN may prove out Marx's aphorism that the system contains the seeds of its own destruction. [...]
This might just be that Magic Bullet. At some point, the old dinosaur media will no longer be able to shield Obama's hoodlum activities from the American People. Until then, we in the Main Street Media will continue to hammer away.

I have known for quite some time that the DNC is crooked. We all know that the DNC runs the Party of Corruption and as the Vatican calls them - the Party of Death. That said, I ran across an interesting rumor at the Confederate Yankee that has been neither denied or confirmed by those that are theoretically involved. He links to two pro-Hillary posts located here and here. Bob wrote to Randall Samborn, Assistant US Attorney and Public Information Officer for the U.S. Attorney's Office, Northern District of Illinois and received the following reply:
"We do not confirm or deny the existence of any investigation - therfore, we decline comment and I am unable to answer any of your questions."
That's poli-speak for, "How in the hell did you find out about this!?" Anyway, here is the rumor.
[...] If everything rumored here is true, it looks like David Axelrod, Howard Dean, Donna Brazile, SoetorObama himself, and possibly even Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid were all involved, together, in massive RICO violations, and thus federal fraud, if the DNC and party leadership knew what the SoetorObama campaign and ACORN were up to and allowed it to proceed. Knowledge of federal crimes being committed makes all parties accessories to those crimes — and part of the conspiracy to defraud the public. [...]
That is a BIG if folks so don't get all fired up just yet. And, by the way, I have no idea what "SoeterObama" is. Theoretically, there is a missing article, missing no more, unearthed from someplace proving beyond a shadow of a doubt, Obama's associations with ACORN. The link is located at Memeorandum so have some fun and go read it and then show all your idiot friends and relatives that are voting for the fraud.

Gateway Pundit and Riehl World View have more information to the Obama-ACORN quagmire. Obama keeps getting dirtier and dirtier. Must have something to do with the Chicago political climate he latched onto. FYI, Barack was an attorney for ACORN and was instrumental in getting folks home loans that had no capacity to pay...sound familiar? I wonder if he will deny that ACORN helped him win his 2006 election. Seeing that he is a liar, I wouldn't put it passed him.

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[UPDATE] - from McNorman's Weblog: the definition of ACORN: Association of Corrupted Organizations for Registration of Non-Eligible Voters