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Friday, October 17, 2008

Male Obama Supporter Goes Nuts, Attacks Female McCain Supporter

“Defendant grabbed the sign [informant] was holding, broke the wood stick that was attached to it, and then struck informant in informant’s face thereby causing informant to sustain redness, swelling, and bruising to informant’s face and further causing informant to sustain substantial pain.”

This man [Obama supporter]:

Took a McCain sign from a "small, quiet, middle-aged woman wearing glasses" and tore the sign to shreds, then beat the woman with the stick, causing her bruises and injury.

The Complaint:

The man admitted to it and was arrested and what was his excuse?

“I don’t know why I did this. It’s just those signs, and this election, it has me so upset.”


The media create a story about someone yelling "kill him" at a Palin rally, to which the Secret Service debunked and found NO evidence of, after it was reported to high heaven....but we see nothing about this incident in the news, where there was an arrest, a report, a complaint and a victim?

HELLLLOOOOO, what is wrong with this picture folks?

Full details at Pajamas Media and the victims interview with France 24 TV here.