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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Sambo Beat The Bitch?

The panic running rampant among Obama supporters is getting to comedic stages at this point.

The LA Progressive (that should say it all) reports that Sarah Palin referred to Barack Obama as Sambo, saying "Sambo beat the bitch", in regards to Obama winning the primaries against Hillary Clinton.

The article uses a woman with no last name, an unknown restaurant and no supporting witnesses....but that doesn't stop Daily Kos from picking it up and running like hell with it.

LGF reports that the Kos piece, titled "So Sambo Beat The Bitch’ - Sarah Palin...", is no gone, erased, doesn't exist.


Think they learned their lesson by being utterly humiliated with the last two lies they tried to spread about Palin?

Don't count on it, but for some reason it was removed.

Malkin says "It is laughable beyond belief."

I agree, it is. At this point the desperation and panic being seen by Obama supporters is laughable and just as pathetic.

Keep em coming guys, you have helped Palin more than conservatives could have with the smears that have been debunked, the rumors reported as news and the outright lies.

Weekly Standard is even thanking you for all your help!!!