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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

National Enquirer Publishes Spy Photos of John Edwards and Alleged Love Child

[Update]8/8/08- John Edwards Admits To Sexual Affair Reported By National Enquirer

(The National Enquirer is claiming a new photo, taken at the Beverly Hills Hotel, is of John Edwards and his love child, Frances Quinn Hunter, the alleged daughter of John Edwards and mistress Rielle Hunter.)

In late July the National Enquirer claimed it caught John Edwards visiting his alleged mistress, Rielle Hunter, at the Beverly Hilton hotel. The question that followed the story was: Where are the pictures? They have produced photos now.
The National Enquirer is a tabloid that has been wrong as often as it has been correct, so naturally when they claimed, in late July, they had discovered a meeting between John Edwards and the woman the Enquirer has claimed to be his mistress, Rielle Hunter, questions ensued about the story, whether it could be confirmed.

The National Enquirer also alleges that John Edwards is the father of Rielle Hunter's baby. Both have denied that and when the birth certificate was obtained by reporters it showed no father listed.

Fox News followed up and interviewed a security guard which escorted Edwards out of the hotel bathroom where he took cover from the reporters, and out of the hotel stopping the National Enquirer reporters from hounding him any more.

One of the main themes among questions from people was "where are the photos"?

Today the National Enquirer published photos they allege were taken in the Beverly Hilton hotel, with John Edwards holding his alleged "love child," proving he was there as the National Enquirer first claimed. But because no DNA testing has been conducted, there is no viable proof of whether the child is his or not.

The stunning “spy photo” shows the former presidential contender holding his infant daughter Frances Quinn Hunter at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Los Angeles – where the ENQUIRER caught him visiting the baby’s mother, his mistress Rielle Hunter.

Edwards is holding his love child while standing in front of a distinctive striped curtain.

The same window covering hangs in each one of the hotel’s guest rooms – and is clearly visible in photos of guest rooms on the hotel’s Web site.

“These photos are damning proof,” said a source close to the situation.

(A photo of a room inside the Beverly Hilton shows yellow curtains similar to those in the background of a photo with John Edwards and an alleged love child)

After going to the Beverly Hilton hotel website, to the Guest Rooms and Suites tab, the curtains do appear to be quite similar to the photos provided by the National Enquirer. This does lend credence to their claim Edwards was at the hotel and the photo of him holding the baby shows he was there at the same time as the mother and child.

[Update] I now have added another question to my list: How did they get a picture of him and the baby IN the room?