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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Jesse Jackson Caught On Hot Microphone Criticizing Barack Obama-- UPDATE- Video added

[Update] 7/12/08- Hysterically, now the discussion begins on whether Jackson said he wanted to cut Obama's nuts "out" or "off", has begun!

Original Post Below:

Video of a portion of Jackson's comments added below where he says about Obama... "I wanna cut his nuts off"

Jesse Jackson is a former presidential candidate from 1984 and a well known civil rights activist.

Recently he made remarks, not knowing that the microphone in front of him was on, that were critical of Barack Obama.

When reports came out that his remarks were caught and would be shown on the Fox News program Hannity and Colmes, he issued a preemptive apology for those remarks which Jackson calls "crude and hurtful" comments toward the presumptive Democratic nominee, Barack Obama.

According to Jackson, Fox News microphones picked up the remarks that were meant to be delivered privately, which criticized Barack Obama for lecturing the black community on morality.

Jackson's apology did not specify what was said in the soon to be shown remarks but he does say that he was trying to explain that Obama was hurting his relationship with black voters by recently conducting "moral" lectures at African-American churches.

CNN reports that Jesse Jackson, who is endorsing Barack Obama is "very distressed" over the comments.

Jackson says, "This is a sound bite in a broader conversation about urban policy and racial disparities. I feel very distressed because I'm supportive of this campaign and with the senator, what he has done and is doing. I said he comes down as speaking down to black people. The moral message must be a much broader message. What we need really is racial justice and urban policy and jobs and health care. That's a range of issues on the menu.

"Then I said something I regret was crude. It was very private. And very much a sound bite.

Jackson's public apology is told to CNN where he says, "For any harm or hurt that this hot mic private conversation may have caused, I apologize. My support for Senator Obama’s campaign is wide, deep and unequivocal. I cherish this redemptive and historical moment."

What Jackson was referring to was a speech Barack Obama gave speaking about black fathers being more engaged in raising their children. He gave this speech at the Apostolic Church of God on Chicago's South Side where he was highly critical of absent black fathers that are absent in raising their children. .

According to the Drudge Report it says that Jackson's remarks were an appeal for "for the moral content of his message to not only deal with the personal and moral responsibility of black males, but to deal with the collective moral responsibility of government and the public policy which would be a corrective action for the lack of good choices that often led to their irresponsibility. "

That was the context of my private conversation and it does not reflect any disparagement on my part for the historic event in which we are involved or my pride in Senator Barack Obama, who is leading it, whom I have supported by crisscrossing this nation in every level of media and audience from the beginning in absolute terms.

The bottom line here is that people should be aware of whether a microphone is on or off before speaking for all the world to hear because the statements made could end up on new coverage stories across the country, indeed, the world.

[Update] From Bucks Right:
Hannity also intimated that Jackson says he wants to “rip Obama’s nuts off” on the tape. Hannity would not say “nuts,” but based on his description (portion of the male anatomy beginning with an “n”) I believe that’s the word he was going for.

Hannity says the tape will be played in its entirety on tonight’s Hannity and Colmes. Other sources indicate it will also air on The O’Reilly Factor. Hannity may have been mistaken about the tape airing “in its entirety” this evening, as it is reported to be so crude that it will require extensive editing.

O’Reilly is quoted as saying that FOX held back more damaging portions of the tape that were not relevant to the conversation. Guess we’ll have to wait and see if Hannity plays the entire tape during his radio show at 3PM ET Thursday.

Drudge reports that Jackson said: "Cut his nuts out."

Not good.