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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Are You Kidding Me???Trinity United Church of Christ Members Feel Hurt and Marginalized

Sometimes you read something and you can only reread it, a couple of times, to make sure you actually read what it said correctly.

A Washington Post piece did that to me today.

Members from the Trinity United Church of Christ feel hurt, marginalized, abandoned, betrayed and misunderstood after they were put in the spotlight with videos of Jeremiah Wright and Michael Pfleger, were spread across the internet showing racism, hatred, disdain for America, just to name a few things.

As the controversy over Trinity crescendoed earlier this month, the church's new pastor, Otis Moss III, released a statement to his congregation: "We, the community of Trinity, are concerned, hurt, shocked, dismayed, frustrated, fearful and heartbroken. . . . We are a wounded people and our wounds, the bruises from our encounter with history, have scarred our very souls."

Barack Obama finally resigned from the church. Not after Jeremiah Wright's words went viral across the web, but only after Jeremiah Wright attacked Obama publicly saying that Obama only distanced himself from the controversial words of his pastor for 16+ yrs became public, for political expediency.

Then Obama denounced Wright....too little, too late.

But he still stayed at the church until, yet another one of Obama's "moral compasses" (Obama's words in an interview), Michael Pfleger, guest spoke at that same Church and once again embarrassed the Democratic Barack Obama.

So the members of the Trinity Church are hurt? Marginalized? Feeling abandoned?

Give me a freaking break!!!!

These are the same people that sat there and listened and cheered to Jeremiah Wright saying things in the video below. (For email subscribers, the YouTube URL is here)

Are they kidding???????????????????

They sat there cheering this.

Or how about their reaction to Michael Pfleger's words when he was guest speaking..let us look at how many of them complained or spoke up from the audience. (YouTube for this video here)

Nope, no one spoke out.

So these same people want to claim that the world only saw the bad? These same people that came to listen to Jeremiah Wright, week after week? Month after month? Year after year, as Obama did?

Sorry, it is a little hard to feel sympathy for people that cheer Anti-American sentiments.

It is a little difficult to feel bad for people that applaud racist comments as the audience did in both those videos.

It is a little hard to do anything but laugh at their sense of "victimization", when THEY made the choice to continue going to a church that showed rampant hatred for America, Jews, Whites and white politicians.

How dare them expect sympathy.

You reap what you sow.