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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Reid, Dodd and Feingold Promise To Filibuster FISA Compromise Bill

Every once in a while it is handy to point out how gullible people are.

Huffington Post declares that Senators Chris Dodd (D-CT) and Russ Feingold (D-WI) will filibuster the House's compromise FISA bill because of the immunity for telecoms that is in it.

Think Progress headlines with Harry Reid will vote against FISA, will co-sponsor the bill to strip immunity out, but will be bringing the bill to the floor because the majority wants it.

They even show Reid saying it, via YouTube.

I mentioned this in my last piece but it deserves it's own spot because people need to see how "some" will grasp at straws and how the politicians play them like little fiddles.

Sure they can filibuster, sure they can say they will try to strip immunity out of the FISA compromise bill, but there are a few things that their supporters who are happy with them right now are forgetting.

The Senate passed a bill in February, which included immunity. That bill passed with a vote of 69 to 29.

That bill went the House that swore they would not pass the Senate's version with immunity.

True enough, they didn't....they spent months negotiating, made a few changes, left immunity in the bill, and passed this new compromise bill.

Now it goes back to the Senate, who has already passed one version which included immunity and multiple attempts to strip immunity could not get the 60 votes needed to bypass a filibuster.

That brings us to now.

The Senate had 69 votes on their version in February, 9 more than they need to bypass this promised filibuster that is being hailed by the gullible ones and still not the 60 votes needed for any attempt to strip immunity to overcome the inevitable filibuster on that motion.

It is a show for the gullible and it is working, yet again.

The bottomline and the funniest thing about this whole entertaining show, is that when all is said and done, the bill with immunity will overcome the filibuster, as the politicians already know it will, and the Democratic supporters acting like gullible fools, will complain loudly, make plans to have people removed during reelections, stomp their feet, beat their chest, scream loudly and come November, they will march to the polls and votes for the Democrats like good little boys and girls.

To be a little more clear here, it was the House that was standing in the way of getting the FISA situation resolved since February,...the HOUSE, the same people who just approved compromise bill.

Then again, why bother telling them, the gullible ones are giving us so much entertainment running around in circles and chasing each others tails.