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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Teacher Accused Of Branding Kids With A Cross

John Freshwater, a science teacher for Mount Vernon Middle School has been fired after allegations came about that he had used a "electrostatic device" to burn the religious symbols onto the arms of multiple students last December.

From Mercury News:

"Freshwater told investigators the marks were X's, not crosses. But all of the students interviewed in the investigation reported being branded with crosses," the paper says. "The investigation report includes a photo of one student's arm with a long vertical line and a short horizontal line running through it."

The Dispatch says parents had complained for years that Freshwater taught intelligent design and discredited evolution in his Mount Vernon, Ohio, classroom. Now they're suing the school district in federal court.


It is reported also that the district's director of of teaching and learning, Lynda Weston, told investigations that she had been dealing with complaints about Freshwater for "much of her 11-year term at the district".

Unacceptable that they allowed this man to continue teaching children.