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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Democrats Slam Steny Hoyer For His Work On FISA

The Politico did a piece on the work that Steny Hoyer did on the compromise FISA bill, detailing how Hoyer got the deal done, the work he put into it, the fact that he knew that he was going to be slammed for compromise bill and how he was still willing to get the work finished and the far left liberals are howling and starting an active campaign against Hoyer.

From The Politico:

In a tense moment during negotiations over the Foreign Surveillance Intelligence Act, Sen. Kit Bond — the ranking Republican on the Senate Intelligence Committee — said that his side of the aisle could never accept one of the proposals the Democrats were pushing.

According to Democratic insiders, House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer abruptly stopped the meeting and said that, if a deal was made, no one would get more grief than he would.

Hoyer was right about that.

His predictions were right since the far left progressives have been slamming him since last week when the compromise FISA wording was first completed and announced and they continue today.

The deal has the backing it needs to make it through the Senate, even though they will try to divide it up, so politicians can register their displeasure with portions of the bill, but it has the votes needed already and the far left progressives will do what they always do, they will campaign to get supporters to call their Senators and try to force them to vote against the compromise, they will be angry when it passes the Senate, they will stomp their feet, they will have their temper tantrums and then they will "get over it" and vote for a Democrat in November, just as the Democratic leaders already know they will.

Anybody like to bet against that prediction?