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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Need More Oil, Drill For It At Home

Sometimes you see something that proves without a doubt that common sense is not a given and many people do not have a clue what it means nor do they have the capability to show it.

Despite his previous voting record, John McCain is showing that he is capable of changing a position if the position he once took stops making sense.

McCain is now proposing we end the ban on offshore drilling.

McCain says:

"A reasonable observer . . . might draw the conclusion that America has accepted this fate because we have no choice in the matter, or because we have no resources of our own. But just the opposite is true: We do have resources and we do have a choice."

Common sense.. you need oil, you want gas prices to go down, you drill for your oil at home and stop being reliant on other countries for your supply.

The majority of voters, according to Rasmussen agrees.

67 percent of the respondents said they would support offshore drilling and 62 percent believe that it would lower gas prices.

That means that 62 percent of people have some common sense but what is worrisome is that also means that 38 percent have none.

Most voters favor the resumption of offshore drilling in the United States and expect it to lower prices at the pump, even as John McCain has announced his support for states that want to explore for oil and gas off their coasts.

A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey—conducted before McCain announced his intentions on the issue--finds that 67% of voters believe that drilling should be allowed off the coasts of California, Florida and other states. Only 18% disagree and 15% are undecided. Conservative and moderate voters strongly support this approach, while liberals are more evenly divided (46% of liberals favor drilling, 37% oppose).

It gets worse in the land of "no common sense" though when another Rasmussen report shows that only 47 percent are against Naturalizing the oil industry, 29 percent of Americans are complete idiots and favor naturalizing the oil industry and 24 percent fall into the could be or could not be complete morons.

Nationalization is the process by which the government assumes complete control of a private industry and its assets. It has been a common practice in totalitarian dictatorships

McCain's site had a preview of his intent:

John McCain: "Tomorrow, I'll call for lifting the federal moratorium for states that choose to permit exploration. I think that this, and perhaps providing additional incentives for states to permit exploration off their coasts, would be very helpful in the short term in resolving our energy crisis. We've seen the impact of it in the form of food prices, the form of gasoline, and the form of threats of inflation, and indeed indications of inflation. We must embark on a national mission to eliminate our dependence on foreign oil and reduce greenhouse gases through the development of alternative energy sources. And, as I said, exploration is a step toward the longer term goal. And, I will repeat my advocacy of a gas tax holiday, which is impacting low-income Americans on a fixed income who are driving automobiles that consume gasoline at a greater rate, and they're driving further, and I think that they deserve a break."