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Friday, June 13, 2008

Barack Obama Losing The Talked About 'Bounce' According To Poll

When Hillary Clinton suspended her campaign it was generally expected that Barack Obama would benefit from a large bounce which would make his poll numbers rise considerably. Gallup's new poll today shows the bounce has ended and his lead has shrunk.
With Hillary Clinton suspending her campaign, Barack Obama should have seen his numbers rise considerably according to pundits, but with some Democratic politicians refusing to endorse him and die hard Clinton supporters actively campaigning against him, some of which vowing to help John McCain, that "bounce" was smaller than many pundits expected.

Today we see that the small bounce he received is leveled off and he has lost a little bit of the lead he had just five days ago, which was a 6-7 percentage point lead and which today was down to a three point lead, according to Gallup Daily.


The numbers also show that ten percent of National voters are either undecided (6 percent) or will not vote for either candidate (4 percent).

Gallup interviews 1,000 U.S.adults, nationwide every day for their Gallup Daily trends.