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Friday, June 20, 2008

"Nancy just peed on our heads and told us its raining": Reactions To The FISA Approval By Congress

Yesterday we reported that the the White House, the Republicans and the Democrats in Congress had reached a compromise deal and that it would be coming up for a vote today.

Today we showed that yesterday Congress passed the war funding bill, without timelines for troop removal from Iraq, to the tune of $162 billion for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, while all eyes and whining was being done about the FISA compromise deal.

Which brings us to the reactions coming out over the FISA vote which passed the Congress today with a 293 to 129 vote.

One of the funniest reactions that I have seen came from the comment section of TPM Muchraker.

Nancy just peed on our heads and told us its raining.

That comment is referring to Nancy Pelosi.

Some other noteworthy reactions from the far left Democratic supporters:

Talk Left
, titled, "GOP Laughing At Surrender Steny And No Spine Nancy":

Everyone, Dem or Republican, is contemptuous of you Surrender Steny and Clueless Pelosi. You look like the weak dupes you have become.


Update: Glenn finds this gem of a new Fox poll showing that Republicans approve of Congress (23-64) more than Democrats do (18-71). That was before yesterday's capitulation announced.

Congratulations to Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Hoyer for leading the Republican Congress.

Obsidian Wings is wondering about Barack Obama:

UPDATE: I do very much want to know why Barack Obama didn't say a word throughout all this.

[Note to Obasidian]- There was nothing he could DO about it, the Messiah doesn't have that kind of pull and what does his answer matter? You will vote for him anyway because you do not have a is either vote for Obama, vote for a third party candidate that has no chance of winning or vote for McCain or stay home.

You think anyone is under any illusion about what you are going to do? Obama knows this and knows you will vote for him so he didn't HAVE to try to do anything and be seen as ineffectual. [End of note]

The first commenter at Balloon Juice also speaks about Obama:

And where the fuck is Obama on this? Talk about missing in action.

If he doesn’t do anything to stop this going through the Senate, I’m going to be really pissed off.

[Note to that commenter, NR] - See note to Obsidian, it applies to you as well!

The ACLU is expressing outrage!!!!!!!! (Big surprise there)

Greenwald is still in meltdown phase, stomping his feet and beating his chest abotu removing bad Democratic politicians....LOLOL

That gives you an idea of how annoyed the Democratic supporters are at the Democratic politicians although you can bet that they will settle down and vote Democrat in the next election like good little lapdogs.

Harry Reid has already signaled that this bill is better than the one the Senate already passed, so it is pretty much assured that the Senate will approve this and it will be sent to President Bush to sign and since he has already praised Congress for this responsible bill, he definitely will sign it.

Obama could make a show of being there for the Senate vote and voting against it, the whole time knowing his vote won't stop it from passing the Senate or he could just be absent that day, making sure to be on the campaign trail.

Either way... they WILL vote for him, so he has nothing to lose and probably figures they will get over their temper tantrum by November anyway.