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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Democrats Stunned At Democratic Delegate Announcing Support For John McCain

Recently the news has come out that some Democratic delegates will not endorse Barack Obama, but today the some in the Democratic Party expressed stunned amazement when a Democratic delegate is publicly supporting John McCain.
Debra Bartoshevich is a Wisconsin Democratic delegate and is an avid supporter of Hillary Clinton and she has announced publicly that she will be supporting John McCain for president of the United States of America, rather than Barack Obama who is the Democratic presumptive nominee.

Bartoshevich says she feels disenfranchised and believes Hillary Clinton was treated unfairly, but she states that she has multiple reasons for planning to vote for John McCain in the fall.

She cites Obama's lack of experience and his judgment and says, "I will not be voting for Obama. I will cast my vote for John McCain." She continues on to say, "I just feel you need to have somebody who has experience with foreign matters.”

Bartoshevich states examples of what she considers Barack Obama's bad judgment to include but says it is not limited to Jeremiah Wright, who was Barack Obama's pastor of over 16 years that has come under fire recently for his controversial statements that some categorize as racists as well as his "God Damn America" rant that went viral as a YouTube video.

She also names Tony Rezko, a close associate of Barack Obama who was just convicted on several counts of fraud and bribery.

Bartoshevich says she has been a devoted Democrat that has never before voted for a Republican for president and she quotes Susan B Anthony, saying, "No self-respecting woman should wish or work for the success of a party that ignores her — that’s by Susan B. Anthony."

Her public statements made in an interview has received much attention and Democratic party members are expressing stunned amazement, as evidenced by the chairman of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, Joe Wineke, who reportedly reacted with "disbelief" and said, "Not a delegate? To the national convention?"

He continues by asking the question again for clarification, "We have a Clinton national (convention) delegate who says she’s voting for John McCain?"

The he says, "I’ve never heard of such a thing.”

Then he says Bartoshevich doesn't know what she is getting into because the delegates at the Democratic convention will be "very upset".

Asked if publicly supporting the other party’s presidential nominee could affect a delegate’s convention status, Wineke said, “I never thought I’d ever get a question like this.”

After some preliminary checking, Wineke said he assumed Bartoshevich would remain a delegate.

His mind changed soon enough as the Wisconsin Democratic Party convention members offered a resolution to make sure that Bartoshevich will not be seated at the convention because according to Paula Dorsey, who presented the resolution to not seat Bartoshevich at the convention says that even though, "hurts my soul and it hurts my heart", convention delegates must support the Democratic presumptive nominee.

The last word goes to Bartoshevich, who says, "The Democrats jumped on this wagon of Barack Obama, and nobody really knows him.”