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Monday, June 23, 2008

Bless the Gathering of Eagles!!!!

A few actions reports were emailed to me and I have to say, the Gathering of Eagles are everywhere now, supporting our troops, welcoming our wounded warriors home and generally letting their voices be heard and their faces be seen to our military knows they have the support of those of us here at home.

Victory in Oklahoma City this weekend

Somerville, NJ 6/21/08!!

A group of Wounded Warriors and their families arrived in New York today to participate in events around the city this weekend. A group of Eagles were there to meet them with a happy crowd of Patriots.

More at Motion Box.

AAR Nanuet 6/21/2008.

Hello fellow Eagles! We had great weather today in Nanuet. We had all our banners flying today and we outnumbered the moonbats all day. Our Patriotic Music filled the air again today. The moonbats had a flag out for 30 some odd minutes before the rental agreement apparently ran out.

Keep up with the Gathering Of Eagles, what they do, what they need, what they are fighting for, right here at their website.

I will say it again.

Bless the Eagles.