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Monday, June 30, 2008

Obama Rebukes MoveOn in Patriotism Speech

This might not promote the "Unity" message very much but considering Obama did not vote for the Senate Resolution to denounce MoveOn.Org for their "General Betray Us" ad, this came as a complete shock to see him rebuke them for it now...then again, he has won the presumptive nominee status so he really doesn't need MoveOn as much as he needs the Independents and Moderates and he may just be sick and tired of them trying to push him around about his FISA statement saying he would support the Compromise bill that the left has been howling about.

In his speech he gave today he not only distanced himself from General Clark's comments about John McCain's military service, but he also said, "most evident during our recent debates about the war in Iraq, when those who opposed administration policy were tagged by some as unpatriotic, and a general providing his best counsel on how to move forward in Iraq was accused of betrayal.”

That was a direct hit on MoveOn.Org which is the group responsible for the Betray Us ad that caused such controversy.

Is Barack Obama pushing back against MoveOn? Is he simply doing what he has to do in order to appeal to the Independents and Moderates or is he committing political suicide by turning his back on a group that has been known to "eat their own" for doing something they don't approve of?

Unity just went out the window along with MoveOn being thrown under the proverbial bus.

It should be interesting to see how this plays itself out since the Democratic party supporters truly don't have much of a choice now but to vote for Barack Obama, since they handed the nomination to him.

He has them where he wants them and now he is working on his appeal to other groups.

Hillary Clinton and her supporters are probably smiling right about now and thinking "I told you so".