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Saturday, June 21, 2008

OffShore Drilling Stance Helps John McCain in Florida and Hurts Barack Obama

Via Rasmussen:

The Florida survey also found that McCain currently leads Obama in the state by a 47% to 39% margin. Six percent (6%) said they would vote for some other candidate while 8% are undecided.

However, after voters were told that McCain favored offshore drilling and Obama opposed it, McCain’s lead increased to eleven points, 49% to 38%. While a three-point net gain is not stunning, it is significant that the issue didn’t push voters towards Obama. All of McCain’s gains on the offshore drilling issue came from male voters.

With gas prices as high as they are, Offshore drilling might just become a major political issue that will favor John McCain in November....unless Obama flip flops on yet another issue and changes his tune.

Considering Obama's rapidly changing political positions on a slew of topics lately, it is not beyond rational thought that he will add another flip flop to his growing list.

We shall see.