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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Why Snooper Will Vote Against Obama Or Clinton


I will not sit on my ass and let the world slide by to a Marxist.

I will not abandon The Troops.

Those that have fought for it, Freedom has a taste the "PROTECTED" will NEVER know.

I don't give a damn about the Republican Party. Nor do I desire to "teach them a lesson". We see how that lame attitude worked in 2006, did we not?

"McCain", in the words of many a familiar blogger, "MIGHT secure the border. Obama will not. McCain MIGHT continue the Bush tax cuts. Obama will not. McCain DOES support The Troops and their Mission. Obama does not. McCain might emplace conservative judges. Obama will not". That right there is a no brainer.

It is McCain for many reasons which goes against the grain of a feigned and ill-conceived principle based on emotion and disappointment and frustration.

The silliness and folly of "teaching the GOP a lesson" by "staying home" and thereby and by default casting a vote for a known Marxist and Troop Hater, does not and cannot pass muster, no matter the alleged reasoning. Such folly is a direct groin kick from behind to the crotch of every veteran of every war we have ever fought. It is pissing on the graves of every Fallen Hero from every war we have ever fought. This is unacceptable. Recent SCOTUS decisions should be a clear indicator even to the casual observer.

I am a Troop. My son is a Troop. My wife is a Troop. My brother (KIA VN '68) is a Troop. My father is a Troop and all my uncles are Troops. Our family has served this Nation since the Revolutionary War and before. We know what sacrifice is and what it means. Most Americans don't know what it means.

The C'est la Guerre post still stands as it is written and is even more applicable today than it was when I wrote it as does Go Ahead: Allow Obama To Win...I find it chillingly eerie that a Pfc has more common sense than those of "principle" no matter who that person may or may not be. Once again, someone with Boots On The Ground trumps those that have no earthly concept what that would be like. And, more's the pity.

No. Snooper will not roll over in frustration and weariness of The Good Fight to teach anyone a lesson about anything because I don't have the time to play that game of hysterics. I will lead by example. I am a fighter. When a Flag falls, I will pick it up and charge forward, not sit down and let someone else do it. If not me, who?

The Battle Field lies in the House and Senate, not in the Presidency. That much is obvious even to the oblivious. Over the next 2 to 6 years, that is where the conflict lies- in the House and Senate - and bears merit. All other argument(s) fall flat because they carry no merit or worth. The Good Fight has yet to be realized and that which we have accomplished in the last 8 years will all be for naught should we sit back and let the country fall to a Marxist.

I didn't serve this nation to allow the silliness and folly of "teaching the GOP/RNC/RINO/MORON class of sycophant a lesson" about anything to become some demonstrative chant of see-I-told-ya-so. That attitude causes me to practically hurl. Our Troops' blood is worth so much more than that. You want to "teach someone" a lesson? Get off of your ass, turn off the idiotic boob tube - the device of complacency, indoctrination, and escapism - and begin to write letters, send faxes and emails and phone calls to every CONgressman and every Senator. Be a pest. That is what the enemy does and is good at it. Your basic Conservative is about as lazy as a hog in mud by design and it hurts to work and fight.

If I can take power naps on a rocky crag while observing enemy movements to keep you safe at night; if our Troops can sleep in mud holes in the rain to keep you safe at night; if my son could sleep in an environment that would make an outdoorsman cringe to keep you safe at night; the least you can do is turn your goddamn TV off and commence to fight and at least try to repay them what they are so deserving of...your support. And, turning the country over to a known Marxist is not the support we Troops will except. EVER.

We got Reagan because of several events: the aftermath of Vietnam, Nixon, Agnew, Ford, Carter and the economy. And, we are STILL digging out of the Carter Quagmire on many levels. We will never see another Reagan. Period. Get over it. Step away from the 'shrooms. We got McCain because of lazy Silent Majority Conservatives too damned lazy to act until it is too late and then they whine and complain and bitch when the going gets tough.

The "lesson" to be taught and learned right here and now is this: when the going gets toughest, that is when you lay the pressure on, without mercy and without remorse. We beat Shamnesty thrice. We have exposed the Leftinistra for what they are and we are gaining. Why surrender now to teach the unteachable a lesson? What will they learn and who will teach them? There are men and women poised to snag seats away from RINOs and socialists and we are going to let Obama defeat them?

Vanity. All is vanity. And, there is nothing new under the sun.

No. It is McCain because the alternative is not only unthinkable, it is unacceptable.

Snooper speaks.

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