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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Harriet Christian Interview With Neil Cavuto: Obama -"Inadequate Black Male"

That inadequate black male video with that comment from Ms. Harriet Christian has been viewed on YouTube over 800,000 times and Neil Cavuto sits down and speaks with a much calmer Christian who explains her feelings and her reasoning for believing that Hillary Clinton was treated unfairly and had Barack obama been a white male with as little experience as Obama has, he never would have made it to become the Democratic presumptive nominee for presidency.

Ms. Christian also asserts that she will not vote for an Obama ticket, even if Hillary is listed as Vice president, she will instead vote for John McCain.

Here is the YouTube URL and the video of their interview is below:

She goes on to state in this interview that she believes the Democratic party left her before she decided to leave it.

Interesting interview and she is not ranting and raving as she was after the DNC Rules and ByLaws committee.

She says her anger stemmed from the fact that they gave Obama 59 delegates when he "chose" to take his own name off the ballot.

She is correct about that. No one forced him to, no one even asked him to. It was a conscious choice that Obama made and the DNC did give him delegates from a vote when his name wasn't on the ballot.

She has reason to be mad and it is a good interview.

Watch the whole thing and understand, there are thousands if not tens of thousands Ms. Christians out there and they all believe Hillary Clinton was treated unfairly, in a completely UN-democratic manner and are planning to vote for John McCain.

She is but one of the "other 18 million".

Here's why: Hillary Clinton, the Goldwater girl turned '60s liberal turned ultimate insider, the former first lady and current senator, has become the belated, almost reluctant leader of a movement, mainly of women but also of white working-class voters, Latinos, seniors and others who feel left out. They don't just feel left out by George Bush's America, but also by the Obama coalition. The women in that movement are especially volatile and angry, over the sexism Clinton has faced all along the way, right up to her final election night.

And women are the largest Democratic constituency. Winning without overwhelming support from white Democratic women wouldn't be easy for Obama.

Read the rest...

I can understand her and her reasoning as well as see that the 18 million that voted for Hillary Clinton have largely been ignored by the Democratic party as a whole, by ignoring the fact that Hillary received more popular votes when Michigan and Florida are added in, which to many meant she should have taken the battle all the way to the convention.

They have been ignored by the Obama campaign, until they thought they would get those voters by default, but now over 40 percent of those voters say they would rather not vote or vote for John McCain.

People speak about Obama being "gracious" to them....well he has no choice.

Without them, he cannot win.

Gracious would have been acknowledging them when it mattered, when Hillary was still fighting to have their votes count.

Too little, too late for many Clinton supporters.

For people like Harriet Christian, who says she won't vote for Obama because she does not believe he has the experience or holds the positions that will be good for the country, Obama never did stand a chance of getting her vote.