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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Chicago Election Judge Tells Voters That Pens Have Invisible Ink

Approximately twenty Chicago voters were told by "misinformed" election judges that the pens they were using had invisible ink in them and assured the voters that their votes would be counted.
Earlier I wrote two pieces about the goings on in California and Florida during Super Tuesday, yesterday, February 5, 2008, but this next story takes the cake.

At the Far North Side precinct in Illinois, voters has found that their pens were out of ink and were told by the election judges at the precinct that they shouldn't worry because it was invisible ink and assured them that their votes would be counted.

Which they weren't counted, of course.

One of these voters was Amy Carlton and she tells reporters "Part of me was thinking it does sound stupid enough to be true," but despite her doubts she went ahead and voted anyway.

Officials claim their were no "dirty tricks" and the judges were misinformed, which this writer finds very hard to believe.

Jim Allen, a spokesman for the Chicago Board of Elections, states "This one defies logic. You try to anticipate everything. But certain things just ... they go beyond any kind of planning you can perform.''

The officials had reached five of the voters and were told to return to the polling place and the others had messages left on their answering machines.

Another voter, Carlton Burkhardt, spent the better part of yesterday calling and e-mailing the Board of Elections to demand some answers and goes on to state, "I am furious and devastated and I just feel stupid. I feel so angry.''

Wold you vote and leave if an election judge or any election official told you that they were using invisible ink?

[Update] I am STILL laughing over this.