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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Barack Obama, The Candidate of Change or The Candidate of Che?

From the Lone Star Times site we see that a spanking new Barack Obama campaign office in Texas is sporting a Che Flag on their wall.

Che Guevara, the chief executioner of Fidel Castro’s brutal revolution, was a bank robber, a cold-blooded murderer, an enthusiastic torturer and generally an evil, sociopathic bastard. He’s quite literally the poster boy for everything wrong with socialism.

One of Che’s lauded diaries recalls the execution of a suspected counterrevolutionary:

“I ended the problem with a .32 caliber pistol, in the right side of his brain…. His belongings were now mine.”

Just for the record, because someone in the new office hung the flag does not mean that Barack Obama is the candidate of "Che", or that he even knew about it.

But it does represent the type of people running his campaign offices that they support him and seemingly idolize Guevara Che aka El Che.

Ed Morrisey thinks Obama might want to call his new campaign office and give them some decorating tips...LOL

Now that I have my amusement, lets get serious for a second.

The fact is, this shows a very good example of the differences between the Republican and Democratic party as a whole.

The Democrats idolize, explain and excuse communist regimes, tyrants and sympathizers while the Republicans and America have spent countless years fighting against those types of regimes.

It is a stark, clear and concise picture of the differences between Democratic supporters and Republican supporters.

REMINDER: Today is the day that patriots descend on the city of Berkeley to make their voices heard about the disgusting actions of the Berkeley city council in calling our Marines "uninvited and unwelcome intruders" in their little town of "Che" Berkeley.

I will be posting on the events in Berkeley today and will be adding pictures as they come in..