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Friday, November 09, 2007

Panic in Hillaryville?

Yesterday we pointed out a few polls done from different organizations showing Hillary Clinton dropping out of favor.

Rasmussen showed she was on the wrong side of the illegal immigrants getting driver's licenses according to Rasmussen:

As for her latest gaffe where she said she supported Spitzer's plan on giving illegal immigrants driver's licenses, then she said she didn't say she supported it (within two minutes), then the next day she said she supported it and yesterday, on CNN, she hedged again on the issue, that will also cost her support from her own party.

Seventy-seven percent (77%) of American adults are opposed to making drivers licenses available to people who are in the country illegally. A Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that just 16% take the opposite view and believe that undocumented immigrants should be allowed to get a license.

Half of voting-age Americans say they would not vote for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) if she became the Democratic nominee for president in 2008, according to a Harris Interactive poll.

Rasmussen again showed that she was hemorrhaging points in September 18th, she held a 23 point lead, October 27th, that lead dropped to 16 points and November 7th, that lead dropped to 10 points.

That is a 13 point drop since September 18th, 2007.

Worse news, the latest Wall Street Journal/NBC poll that heads up against Giuliani, Hillary only enjoys a 1 point lead.

USA/Gallup shows married men do not favor Hillary.

Zogby shows trouble for Hillary in Iowa.

This next Rasmussen poll is no big surprise, since it is Texas, but added with everything else, my question yesterday about whether Hillary Clinton is losing that "shoe in" status becomes more relevant.

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey finds Arizona Senator John McCain also enjoying a double digit lead over the former First Lady, 50% to 39%.

It’s a bit closer with former Tennessee Senator Fred Thompson in the mix, but Thompson leads Clinton 47% to 41%. However, Clinton does manage a statistically insignificant one point lead over former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. It's Clinton 43% Romney 42%.

we see from The that the bad news just keeps coming for Hillary, this time in NH:

Two new reputable polls of New Hampshire Democratic Primary voters will show statistically significant drops in support for frontrtunner Hillary Clinton, Democrats who have seen those polls said today.

The polls will be released this weekend and are embargoed; though I'm not privy to the embargo agreement, I'll be a little vague out of respect for the polling organizations.

One of the polls shows that the gap between Clinton and Barack Obama narrowed by more than 10 points. Her biggest decline was seen among older voters.

The other shows Clinton's lead over Obama reduced by approximately 9 points.

Blue Crab Boulevard and The Van Der Galiƫn Gazette, both pointed out that the Hillary Camp overreacted to the ridiculous story about whether her campaign did or did not tip a waitress... unreal that something like that made the news, but thats beside the point.

Coming off the heels of her horrible performance in the last debate, her stumbling and bumbling to try to dig herself out of the hole her mouth got her in....these latest polls and all this bad news is not looking good for Hillary.

They say politics can turn on a dime, well for Hill, it looks like it just did and her team, her husband, and she, all seem to be in panic mode.

[Update] HILLARY CAMPAIGN PLANTING QUESTIONS!!!!!!! Also don't miss the video of the college girl explaining exactly how the planted question came about.

Clinton Campaigns try to control the questions of the next Democratic debate also. (At the link above)