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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday Headlines: A Smorgasbord of links

In my daily ritual of going through google news, MSN news, yahoo news and then topping it off with taking a gander at who is blogging about what over at memeorandum, sometimes it just amazes me to look at what is being said and by who.

We see that Ron Paul, not happy to already be attracting the attention of white supremacists and the unhinged extremists of the conservative party is unleashing his advertising campaign, because face it, you can never have enough insane people behind you (9/11 Truthers) , especially when the latest estimations show that he isn't even being taken seriously by Republicans supporters that are not extremists, and holds virtually no chance to win the primaries.

Moving right along, we see that Britain has cleared dozens of Iranians to enter British universities to study advanced nuclear physics and other subjects with the potential to be applied to weapons of mass destruction. 60 of them in the last 9 months. Which in turn has led to David Willetts releasing a letter to the press with some pertinent questions about how many are being educated in Britain in nuclear physics and then sent back to Iran to use that education to build some nuclear weapons.

Blue Crab Boulevard gives us a couple of examples of those who "get it" and those who do not in our media today, while Wapo does what it does best and allows editorials that do nothing but muddy the issues at hand.

I just have to ask, is anyone else as tired of hearing about Bill Clinton's sex life and who wears the pants in the Clinton household?

Of course a smorgasbord of links is never complete without an unhealthy dose of the disease named BDS otherwise known and Bush Derangement Syndrome.

WUA already covered the insanity known as Daylight Savings Times and how annoying it truly is, especially when people screw with it and start changing the time of when we are supposed to change the time....sheeeesh.

Then we get to the most ridiculous item of the day, I see that we do not have enough current news and current issues to deal with, we now have to revisit Roswell for heavens sake and the fact that Bill Richardson is not satisfied with the last 60 yrs of countless investigations and speculation and he wants answers dammit.

There is your smorgasbord of links and believe me, I have only covered about a quarter of the insanity I am seeing in the news today.

Is it the nearing of Halloween or is it a full moon soon?

Either way, the crazies are out in full.