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Monday, October 29, 2007

100,000 Strong For Earmark Reform

Hat Tip to Captain's Quarters for bringing everyones attention to a petition Jim DeMint has called "1000,000 Strong for Earmark Reform.

100,000 Strong For Earmark Reform
We are building a team of 100,000 Strong for Earmark Reform to petition Congress to act now and pass earmark reform. But the work doesn’t end there. After petitioning Congress we will have to start putting grassroots pressure on members of Congress that stand in the way of real reform. That’s when I will truly need your help.

Jim Explains Earmarks
What is an earmark? Jim explains the wasteful process in this short clip.

What Are Earmarks? Why Do They Matter?
Here are some brief answers to the most commonly asked questions about earmarks


As DeMint says.... lets shut down the "Favor factory".