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Thursday, October 18, 2007

SCHIP is hitting the fan- Blogging the override vote: UPDATE- Veto UPHELD: Roll Call added

Link to Roll call is below. Veto has been upheld.

Reactions are coming in, they are below the original post.

I am starting out late here and have C Span on, watching each member get their say before the actual vote which the Democrats are coming up short on to override the president's veto.

Others are live blogging an did manage to start on time so you can catch up with what has been said over at Captain's Quarters and Michelle Malkin.

I just heard the Michigan Representative give the figures for his state and he pointed out how many adults were being covered right now as one of the problems with the bill, as is and as one of the problems that needed to be fixed, not expanded on.

Kenny Hulshof is now pointing out how states can bypass the eligibility for income in the SCHIP bill with state laws that allow higher income families to enroll.

Jeb Hensarling is point out that a bill for Children's Health Insurance Program has states with more adults in the program that children.

These are points that are being ignored by the supporters of the bill by saying "we have to cover children" hoping that mantra will make people ignore how many adults are being covered.

Gabrielle Gifford again is holding children up as her human shield instead of addressing the points that Hensarling and Hulshof made about the amounts of adults in the program meant for low income children.

Bluey Blog is pointing out that the Republicans are getting behind a SCHIP alternative based on a proposal offered by the Heritage Foundation.

Back to the remarks of the Congressmen and women prior to the actual vote.

Joe Barton just told then flat out that the president's veto will be sustained (so this is a complete waste of time and taxpayers money for nothing more than political "soundbites")

He also pointed out the targeted ads and the money spent on them to target Republicans and that it didn't work because the veto will be sustained!!

He is pointing out that the bill "says" no illegal aliens but they have provided no enforcement measures to see to it that illegal aliens are not covered under SCHIP.

One of the parts I missed, Malkin covered, which was Pete Stark:

Update 11:17am Eastern. Rep. Pete Stark starts blabbering about Republicans who don’t want to spend money on children, but instead want to spend it on “an illegal war” to be fought by children whom Republicans want to send to Iraq to “blow people up” and “get their heads blown up” for “his amusement.”

Stark: “Bush just likes to blow things up!!!”

Stark is reminded by his Democrat colleague “not to refer to the president in any personal way.” Fling those peas.

GOP Rep. Brady lambastes Rep. Stark. The man is a raving lunatic.

12:20 pm (Eastern) Stark just started again about Iraq, he was interrupted, and told to sit down...LOLOL

Now they are going over Starks words to determine of he violated house rules. He didn't.
12:35 pm- Boehner is speaking now.

Says he hopes that after the veto is upheld, everyone can work together to pass an acceptable SCHIP bill that the president can sign.

12:38-John Dingell once again claims the bill is fully paid for... they just cannot stop lying.

12:42- Now Pelosi is up their babbling. The women should be hiding in embarrassment after yesterdays whipping, but now she is trying to get people to change their minds and override the veto..... she already knows and has basically admitted, they don't have the votes so this is nothing more than a soundbite opportunity for her political games, which she IS good at.

Awwwww, she is calling herself the childrens Congress, ignoring how many adults are right now taking from the "children" and how her brilliant new bill expands that instead of fixing it.

Like the terrorist wannabe Nancy Pelosi is, she is once again trying to hide behind the children and use them as human shields.

My lord can they not address the issues of adults, aliens and higher income families that are being covered? They believe if they completely ignore those issues, everyone else will also.

From Captain Ed:

"This bill does not cover adults." Really? Why are over 70% of Michigan's S-CHIP recipients childless adults?

Finally coming to the end of this debate. John Boehner just finished by urging Congress to focus on poor children. Nancy Pelosi argues that we should follow every other industrialized nation in providing government coverage for all children -- once again revealing the real agenda behind this S-CHIP expansion.

Pelosi, still speaking, does a bait-and-switch. She says that the Republicans are wrong about the expansion covering people at 400% of the poverty level -- by showing current statistics of S-CHIP. This isn't about who's on now, it's about who gets put on after the expansion. Talk about intellectual dishonesty!

Exactly, despite denials to the contrary she just made it clear that is what this is all about..not lower income families and children, but socialism.

OMG, she actually tried the "morally right thing to do...this from a women WITH no morals...

12:56- 15 minute vote starting now.

7 minutes left and I see one Democratic nay up there!!! Boy is that Democrat going to catch hell if they don't change it. 86 nays as of now at 1:06 and we need 144 or more to sustain the President's veto.

98 nays at 1:07.

128 nays at 1:10.

1:14-154 nays as of now, which means VETO HAS BEEN UPHELD, although we are waiting for the final count. (2 Democratic nays)

Final Roll call (I will link to it when it becomes available) 273/156 is the final. They lacked the two third majority they needed to override the president's veto.

Final Roll call is up and found here.

Now maybe the idiots in the house can work together, fix the bill and get those low income children covered as it was originally intended to do.

The whining should start shortly.

It looks like Jim Marshall and Gene Taylor are the two Democrats that voted nay.

I will follow up here with reactions as they come out.

The. Whining. Begins. (Via technorati)

Despite false claims, Congress now has until mid november before the current bill expires to work WITH the White House now and get a bill written that will protect the low income children as it was meant to.

Macsmind "gets it" as does "It Should be Obvious".

More pathetic whining by those that avoid the actual facts of the matter.

More intellectual dishonesty. (Notice when reading those that not one of them are capable of addressing these six facts about SCHIP, so instead they hide behind the children as human shields)

Instead they try to distract with half truths, distort by ignoring the facts and keep repeating the mantra of "the children", because they are unable to dispute the statistical data I linked to above)

More from NYT, CNN, and Politico.

I have a couple more things to write about, so keep up with memeorandum for the latest reactions from both sides of the aisle.

(Corrections are being made along the way here because I am typing it as I hear it)