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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Reporting on Iraq, New York Times Shows us WHY They are Bleeding Money

[Update below on the UN calling the the drop in deaths in Iraq, "remarkable".]

Previously we showed how the second biggest shareholder in the NYT dumped all their shares, we showed graphs of the last 2 and 5 yrs, showing their advertisers and readership going down the proverbial toilet as well as their paid service Times Select making so little they had to start offering it for free.

It is not only how they report the news or their refusal to report any news that doesn't fit their political agenda, but their lousy writers in the opinion section aka editorials.

Today for example, the editorial starts with "The news out of Iraq just keeps getting worse."

Of course, they are talking about Turkey and Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or P.K.K, a problem that is age old and predates our going into Iraq at all.

In their morbid need to portray Iraq in the worse possible light they can, they deliberately don't tell their readers that Baghdad has pledged its support to Turkey against the P.K.K in an agreement reached yesterday.

Baghdad, Iraq (AHN) - The governments of Turkey and Iraq on Tuesday reached an agreement to cooperate in dealing the problem of the Kurdish PKK rebels in Northern Iraq which has been launching attacks inside Turkey.

Turkey and Iraq reached the agreement after Turkish Foreign Minister Ali Babacan arrived in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad to meet with key leaders of Baghdad to find ways of resolving the crisis. Bababan said his government has agreed to pursue the problem through diplomatic means.

They completely ignored yesterdays news, coming from Iraq officials showing that violence in Iraq has decreased by 70%. (We showed this yesterday with the news of the bin Laden video)

Iraq's Interior Ministry said Monday violence throughout the country has dropped some 70 percent since the end of June, when the U.S. build-up of 30,000 additional troops ordered by President Bush was completed.

Mr. Bush ordered the extra forces there in January; they began deploying the following month. The idea, he said at the time, was to give the fledgling Iraqi government time to stabilize the country and to form coalitions with rival tribal and religious factions.

Majority Shiite and minority Sunni Arab leaders have so far failed to resolve a number of issues, but clearly the violence has subsided dramatically, the ministry said.

In Baghdad, considered the epicenter of violence, car bombings have fallen 67 percent, while roadside bombings have tapered off about 40 percent, said Iraqi Interior officials.

Meanwhile, in the Anbar province – one of the country's most restless – violent deaths have decreased about 82 percent, said Interior Ministry spokesman Major-General Abdul-Karim Khalaf.

"These figures show a gradual improvement in controlling the security situation," Khalaf told reporters.

They ignore the panic of bin Laden because al-Qaeda is being wiped out in Iraq, not only by our troops, coalition and Iraqi security forces but also by everyday Iraqi citizens.

They ignore the businesses opening and the markets filling up, the long lines of Iraqi's waiting to sign up to fight al-Qaeda, the children, 5 million of them back at school without incident, etc....

They ignore the last months of success and progress to editorialize about a problem that was deliberately exasperated by Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats with their ill timed Armenian genocide bill that split her own party where most of them backed away from the bill, but not before heightening tensions of the Turkey officials.

Todays editorial is a perfect example of what Michael Yon yesterday called our medias bizarro world of reporting, where old news is used to convince people things are still going badly and news that is new, showing progress and success is simply ignored until the MSM finds something they can spin negatively.

The headline is right though where it says "Closer to the brink", but they are referring to Turkey and P.K.K. when it should be a reference to the NYT itself.

They are closer to the brink of irrelevancy ever day, with every politically agenda driven article instead of news, with every politically biased editorial written by two bit hacks that wouldn't know how to analyze a simple 2 plus 2 math problem without coming to the answer of 5.

They prove without a doubt that their dwindling profits are due to their own inability to follow any journalistic ethical standards.

[Update] From Voice of America:

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki says his country is shutting down the offices of the Kurdistan Workers' Party, or PKK, and will not allow the group to operate in Iraq.

In a statement, Mr. Maliki said the group is a terrorist organization. He said Baghdad will do everything it can to halt the PKK's activities which are threatening Iraq and Turkey.

[Update] Stop the ACLU has a piece up about the UN calling the drop in Iraq Violent deaths "remarkable".

Go. Read.