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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Move America Forward at Berkeley: Making them "Pink" with Frustration...Updated with Video

[Update-Video Below]

Update from Move America Forward:

Col. Buzz Patterson (USAF Ret and Move America Forward Vice Chairman) confronts Medea Benjamin (co founder, code pink)

A great sign someone brought with a message ALL Americans need to hear

We had a GREAT turnout. The crowds were divided, with Code Pink on the opposite side of the street and Move America Forward / Others guarding the front of the USMC Recruiting Station. Captain Lund and the rest in the office were out on other business today but we protected the station in their stead.

the throng of patriotic Americans surrounding our area

Singer Diana Nagy sings "Where Freedom Flies" patriotic song for the crowd of loyal americans

We had one volunteer moving bravely through the opposite crowd, who counted 102 anti-war protesters. We estimate our own crowd to have peaked at 300 or more but it didn't really get up to there until about 12:00 when the rally OFFICIALLY started… before that we were probably slightly outnumbered as the groups grew gradually from 7 am on.

a sky view of the mass of patriots, we estimated at LEAST 300

Someone was able to recover, from the enemy, a flag they burned and desecrated, which Joe Wierzbicki of MAF inspects for the camera

Overall the rally was pretty heated but mostly peaceful. I had to hold several people back and at one point one of the anti-war people drew a pocket knife against one of our people. Luckily someone swatted the knife out of his hand, the perpetrator ran off immediately and the police got the evidence… no idea what's going to develop out of that.

the Message of the Day


[Update]- A hero and a patriot, this son in law of a local San Francisco radio personality talks about why he believes in the PROMISE of AMERICA and why it has to be PROTECTED. Thank God we have thousands of brave heroes like these protecting our lives and freedoms every day around the world! GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS!