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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Democrats against Democrats: Don't EVER say ANYTHING Nice about Bush

(Hat tip to LFP1, from the patriots group, for the email)

I see the left is atwitter again because Dianne Feinstein dared to say something nice about President George Bush.

Bush invited Sen. Dianne Feinstein to join him on Air Force One during his trip. It may not have been coincidence that less than 24 hours earlier, Feinstein played a pivotal role in allowing Judge Leslie Southwick, a target of liberal groups, to be confirmed to an appeals court when she voted to block a filibuster and support the president's nomination.

With a 7:40 a.m. Thursday departure from Andrews Air Force Base, Feinstein found herself seated in the rear of the plane with a handful of Southern California congressional representatives.

After a breakfast of scrambled eggs, sausage and French toast, Bush popped back for what the senator described as a frank two-hour conversation, mostly about foreign policy.

"I found the discussion extraordinarily positive," Feinstein said. "I came away with a very different view about him."

As for the president's performance on the ground?

"It was a wonderful thing to see, to be candid," Feinstein said. "I saw a warm, caring human being."

HOW DARE HER???????????????????????????????

Betrayal. Traitor.

Enough to make eyes bleed dammit!!! Bush charmed her. One idiot actually said the words "schoolgirl crush behavior".

These people are hysterical.

What started this hysteria against Dianne Feinstein from the far left, before she dared issued a nice word about Bush, was her voting to confirm Judge Leslie Southwick, a nominee to the Fifth Circuit Federal Court of Appeals.

Feinstein's statement:

In her statement before the committee, Sen. Feinstein said: "I don't believe he's a racist...I believe he's a good person. ... Judicial nominees are not just a collection of prior writings or prior judicial opinions. ... My hope is that we can put these days behind us, and that we can give people a fair hearing, and that we can move them on."

(Note: The full Senate confirmed Southwick, 62-35 on October 24, 2007)

The far left, liberal unhinged portion of the Democratic party, not to be mistaken with the moderate Democrats, cannot separate themselves from issues and address them one by one.

If a Democratic politician votes on anything that the unhinged portion of their party does not agree with, then that politicians is then the enemy on all issues.

Democratic politicians are not allowed to have a mind of their own, their supporters do not understand the difference between a Democracy and a Republic (which we are) and we vote our representatives in to do what they think is best and to use their judgment. If the voter is unhappy with the majority of those decisions, they can speak again at the next election.

That isn't good enough for the far left, liberal unhinged... nope. They want little robotic lapdogs that will do what they are told whether they agree with it or not or whether it is the right thing to do or not.

This is not the first time the far left liberals have made this their policy either.

When Brian Baird, an opponent of the Iraq war since the beginning, recently came back from Iraq, after having seen tremendous progress, he caught hell for saying the surge and the troops deserve more time.

The unhinged portion of the party went nuts and "targeted him".

When the Blue Dog Democrats, the moderates of the Democratic politicians, cast a vote that the far left does not like, they target them, calling them the "Bush" Dog Democrats. They are actively campaigning against their own politicians and saving the GOP the time and trouble of having to do it themselves. We are talking dozens and dozens of Blue Dogs here.

I have more on this campaign to eat their own here and here.

The battle between the Democratic party from within, between the moderates and the outer fringes, shows a party that is imploding from the inside.

Amusing to watch such a spectacle.