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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Dems Disaster Week in Pictures

The Santa Ana winds allowed an arsonist (or several) to start the tinderbox of California in a horrible conflagration of wildfires; one arsonist caught in the act, when pursued by police, was killed. Hundreds of thousands of acres have been burned; many homes lost, property damage in the stratosphere.

Due to the well practiced California emergency responders, there has been relatively little loss of life, considering the magnitude of the conflagration. FEMA is not happy because California knows what it's doing and hasn't relied on FEMA to take care of things, so they call a false press conference.

Politicians, rather than working on what they needed to work on (and succeeding in accomplishing what they have since 11/06--absolutely NOTHING), decide this is the perfect time to start playing politics yet again--blaming global warming AND Bush for the fires (in the case of Bush, Barbara Boxer taking her cues from Kansas Governor Kathleen Sibelius and stating California didn't have enough National Guardsmen to help because resources were in Iraq--a flat out lie since California is mandated 21,000 National Guardsmen, 17,000 current Guardsmen and only 1,500 in Iraq)

Although many of the California representatives returned home to help their constituents during this NATURAL DISASTER, Pelosi and Reid decide now is the time to try to ram SCHIP down our throats again, with no substantial changes as ordered by Bush. Pelosi as SOH SHOULD have been in California with the rest of the representatives. Once again, SCHIP went through the House, but will be vetoed as the changes demanded by Bush were not made.

And we hear more of the global warming garbage as being the cause of the wildfires--particularly as espoused by Harry Reid.

In other news, Congressman Pete Stark decides he needs to make his mark with some measured insanity on the SCHIP bill, claiming Bush sends troops to Iraq to get their heads blown off for Bush's amusement.

An appropriate Dem "family portrait":

We have the defeatists still refusing to listen to any good news coming out of Iraq and living in their dream world that if we leave, all will be well.

While the defeatists are burying their collective heads in the sand, we are starting to see some of the ramifications of Pelosi's Armenian Genocide from Turkey. Our men and women are stomping out "fires", have AQI on the run, are winning the hearts and minds of the people and now, Turkey has been thrown into the mix. But Dems "support the troops".

More refusals by Dems to see the reality of the progress made and instead working off news reports almost a year old to keep emotions stirred up in those too stupid and ignorant to find facts for themselves.

Dems efforts to continue down the road to socialism in order to make us all "equal", completely ignoring the fact capitalism rewards those who succeed and the successes shouldn't have to bail out the lazy asses who rely on the government to take care of them cradle to grave. Tax the successes and reward the lazy. Good job, idiots.

What is it with the Clintons and the Chinese? What hold do the Chinese have over the Clintons? Wasn't Long Beach, CA enough for them? What other strategic US properties do they want now? Or is it more military secrets out of Los Alamos?

The GOP comes to a conclusion (also ANYBODY but Ron Paul and his white supremacists/truther friends):

Good news is no news to CBS and Couric:

Boy Scouts under fire from the gay agenda again--under fire from those who wish to strip all boys of the principles that made this country great--GOD, Country, Others, Self.

All cartoons from Pictures are often far more valuable in illustrating points and idiocies than words could ever do.

It was once again a bad week for Dems. Good.

Cross posted by request from Miss Beth's.