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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Democrats are full of SCHIP again

In one of the lowest political moves seen yet by the Democratic politicians, they deliberately take advantage of the horrible major disaster of the California wildfires for political games and the fact that members of the house are in California taking care of their constituents, to schedule a vote on their new rendition of the badly written SCHIP bill, a bill they have already been told, once again, will be vetoed.

From yesterdays update:

Michelle Malkin shows, via an email from Roy Blunt, us another politician, Nancy Pelosi, that is trying to take advantage of this tremendously horrible disaster for political purposes to take advantage of the fact that California politicians are busy helping their state and homes, so that she can sneak another SCHIP bill through while they are gone.

House Republican Whip Roy Blunt (Mo.) issued the following statement today after House Democrats announced they plan to push through controversial SCHIP legislation tomorrow while a number of members from southern California are back in their districts responding to the wildfires:

“The scope, scale and severity of the fires raging in southern California are of a magnitude few of us have ever seen. What’s important right now is that members from the area be given the chance to return to their districts to aid their constituents in any way they can – whether through casework, disaster relief efforts, or simply lending a hand to a neighbor in need.

“Unfortunately, the speaker announced plans today to hold an important, and contentious, vote on SCHIP while these members are confronting serious issues at home – disenfranchising, in effect, a large segment of the most populous state in the union, and throwing into doubt the integrity of the vote.

“In light of these circumstances, I would urge the speaker to reconsider her strategy and delay the vote on her SCHIP bill until a time when the interests of millions of Americans in southern California can be accurately represented. Maybe in that time Democrats will also actually consider making a copy of the bill available to Republicans.”

Once again, in a political low, using the California wildfires to take advantage of the fact that members of the house are taking care of their constituents, the Democrats are going to slam through a bill they have made minor tweaks on, pretending it has changed the bill when it hasn't addressed the problems that caused it to be vetoed and caused the veto to be sustained, last time, and they already know will be vetoed and they still acknowledge they do not have the votes in the house to override the veto.

Waste of taxpayers time and money.

Pelosi and crew are so full of SCHIP their eyes are brown.

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Go here for the facts about SCHIP and the phone numbers to start calling already to insist that the veto be upheld again, until the Democrats get tired of having their SCHIP filled asses kicked and rewrite the bill to make sure the "loopholes" are closed.

[Update] They passed the bill without the veto proof majority needed to overcome the promised veto. They will never learn.