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Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Rubber Chicken Award, a Growing Flock!

When I first discussed the notion of the Rubber Chicken Award with spree, we decided that recipients had to meet a single criteria to receive the award: blatant stupidity. In the weeks since we introduced the Award here, we have handed out several to some well deserving recipients, including one to one Nobel Peace Prize winner (this is the part where I roll my eyes at Al Gore winning THAT award).

The idea has caught on, and we say WELCOME ABOARD!

Snooper at Take Our Country Back has given out his sites very first Rubber Chicken Award here. Congratulations on the presentation, Snooper, and welcome to the coop! We hope to see Rubber Chicken Awards being handed out by other conservative sites in growing numbers in the future (just make sure to mention it started here first...hehe).


Once and Always, a VERY HIGHLY AMUSED American Fighting Man