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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Iraqi's Reach Out To Help Americans

From OpFor, via memeorandum featured posts.

We hear so much of what goes on in Iraq, unless of course it is good news. Then the silence is deafening.

What we do not hear is the generosity of the Iraqi's towards Americans, their gratitude, their acts of incredible kindness.

Thanks to OPFOR for making sure this story gets some attention.

RELEASE No. 20071026-01
October 26, 2007

Iraqi Army at Besmaya Installation Support San Diego Fire Victims
By U.S. Army Sgt 1st Class Charlene Sipperly
Multi-National Security Transition Command – Iraq Public Affairs

BAGHDAD, Iraq — Members of the Iraqi Army in Besmaya collected a donation for the San Diego, Calif., fire victims Thursday night at the Besmaya Range Complex in a moving ceremony to support Besmaya's San Diego residents.

Iraqi Army Col. Abbass, the commander of the complex, presented a gift of $1,000 to U.S. Army Col. Darel Maxfield, Besmaya Range Complex officer in charge, Multi-National Security Transition Command Iraq, to send to the fire victims in California.

The money was collected from Iraqi officers and enlisted soldiers in Besmaya. In a speech given during the presentation, Col. Abbass stated that he and the Iraqi soldiers were connected with the American people in many ways, and they will not forget the help that the American government has given the Iraqi people. Abbass was honored to participate by sending a simple fund of $1,000 to the American people in San Diego, to lower the suffering felt by the tragedy.

Go to OPFOR and look at that picture.

These Iraqi men that are risking their lives everyday and barely have the money to feed their own families are donating to the fire victims of San Diego.

Where is the MSM?