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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Nick Griffin speech at MSU Friday night didn't go well

Talk about understatements, the title is a great example of the word "understatement".

What is happening to and in our schools today? You have Columbia University that invites murdering terrorist state leaders like, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, to speak, then when that little brainstorm is criticized and protested at the school and throughout the country, Lee Bollinger, president of Columbia prior examples of the conduct from Columbia University students prove that the school doesn't not allow free speech and the students are allowed to be violent and attack speakers if the free speech isn't what the students want to hear.

This isn't about Columbia though, I just used that example to show some of the idiocy going on in our schools today..

We also have the Virginia tech killings, students shooting students in other schools, Columbine style attacks being foiled, nooses hanging on professors doors, schools hindering police investigations, they examples go on and on and on, and now, todays story, neo-nazi, holocaust denying speakers invited to Michigan State University.

Any wonder why it didn't go well?

EAST LANSING - When British Nationalist Nick Griffin took the podium at a Friday night Michigan State University event, he tried to explain how Islam is a threat to Western civilization.

Protesters wouldn't have it.

Hurling obscenities and using chants to interrupt his address, rambunctious student organizations forced Griffin to abandon his speech and allow an informal question and answer session.

For those who do not know who Nick Griffin is, here is some information about him from Wikipedia:

Since 1999 he has been the National Chairman of the British National Party (BNP).

Anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial

Griffin has made statements that deny the existence of the Holocaust and has made anti-Semitic remarks.

In issue 12 of the BNP publication The Rune he called the Holocaust "the Holohoax" and criticized the Holocaust denier David Irving for admitting in an interview that up to four million Jews might have died in the Holocaust. Griffin wrote: "True Revisionists will not be fooled by this new twist to the sorry tale of the Hoax of the Twentieth Century." Griffin was eventually prosecuted for his articles in The Rune.

In 1997 he told an undercover journalist that he had updated Richard Verrall's Holocaust denial book Did Six Million Really Die?. He also described his former MP, Alex Carlile, QC, who had reported The Rune to the police, as "this bloody Jew... whose only claim is that his grandparents died in the Holocaust."

In the same year he wrote a pamphlet, "Who Are The Mindbenders", which alleged that a cabal of Jews controlled the British media, "providing us with an endless diet of pro-multiracial, pro-homosexual, anti-British trash."

In his defense during his 1998 prosecution, Griffin said: "I am well aware that the orthodox opinion is that six million Jews were gassed and cremated and turned into lampshades. Orthodox opinion also once held that the world is flat ... I have reached the conclusion that the 'extermination' tale is a mixture of Allied wartime propaganda, extremely profitable lie, and latter witch-hysteria."

The Holocaust is not the only area where this man is shown to be a dangerous individual to have around our kids.

Michigan messenger was liveblogging the 'event" and has a few choice quotes from this man.

***In attendance with Griffin who has just begun speaking is flanked by white supremacist Preston Wiginton.

***Nick Griffin just told protesters that he would "shove homosexuals back in the closet and kill them."

***"Muslims gang rape women in Norway and other cultures. Only Muslims do this," Griffin said.

The next one is my favorite one, the pot calling the kettle black.

***"You seek to deny the white people of the world the right to collect in their own community and self determinations; then you are a racist," Griffin said.

(Stopping here for a second for a little side note.. His companion, Preston Wiginton is associated with Stormfront, which is a white supremacist website that endorses Ron Paul, who also has ties with other white supremacist characters, such as Alex Jones, the 9/11 Truther leader, where recent news shows that Ron Paul's campaign has paid Alex Jones $1,300 for services. [Correction- Paul's campaign, allegedly, sent the $1,300 as a "partial refund on Jone's original donation]

You can get more information on that from Hot Air and Captain Ed.

The reason I bring the side note up at this time is because by stepping back and looking at the bigger picture, you see that Preston Wiginton (who was with Nick Griffin) has ties with Stromfront (white supremacists), Stormfront supports Ron Paul as donations from Don Black, founder of Stormfront to Paul shows, Ron Paul is connected with 9/11 Truthers, by money (Alex Jones), and the group that invited Nick Griffin to speak at Michigan State University (Young Americans for Freedom) are Ron Paul supporters as their site Spartan Spectator shows.

And people wonder why Ron Paul creeps me out? Just look at the people he attracts!!! End sidenote)

Back to the ending of Nick Griffin's appearance at Michigan State University:

The fire alarm has gone off; the university is not evacuating the building, nor have fire department personnel arrived on site. The speech continues over the sound of the fire alarm.

As Griffin finished speaking the fire alarm stopped. There was an orderly exit from the building; however, when four YAF members attempted to go to their car, they were chased by protesters who screamed, "Go get them!"

MSU police are searching the campus for these alleged assailants who were seen chasing YAF members into a parking ramp. Among the YAF members was Tyler Whitney, former chair of YAF's Western Michigan University chapter. No injuries are reported at this time. MSU police are escorting YAF members off campus.

This is what our schools are coming to, racists and terrorist sponsoring state leaders are speaking to our children in the name of "free speech".

To show how out of touch these YAF members really are, they also state on their blog that Little Green Footballs is a pro-Muslim, left-wing blog.

As LGF states:

It’s not clear from the article whether this was part of Islamofascism Awareness Week or not, but if it was, the Young Americans for Freedom have just handed the enemy a huge gift on a platter, tied up with a lovely white supremacist bow.

They also accuse LGF of hating Western Civilization... wow, anyone who has read LGF knows better and maybe those young fools should start reading through LGF archives before making themselves sound any more foolish.

I am often critical of the extreme far left of the Democratic party...they are unhinged, well, this group, YAF, is the extreme far right and they are equally as unhinged.

Just as I separate the moderate Democrats from the far far left liberal portion of their party, I also separate the moderate conservative Republicans from the unhinged portion of our party.

That unhinged portion of the conservative party, in a nutshell, are Ron Paul supporters. (Examples shown above in the side note)

More about Nick Griffin's appearance at MSU from Death by 1000 Papercuts.