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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Deja Vu Anyone? :IRAQ

Children learn by repetition. It seems the Senate and the House do not learn at all.

Today I see an article where Bush, once again, tells Congress and the Senate that he will veto any bill that puts time lines on the table informing our enemies of the game plan and demoralizing the troops who are in the field and in the line of fire.

Bush said Tuesday he would veto any legislation setting a deadline on troop withdrawals. He also said he would not rethink his military strategy until at least September, when the top military commander delivers a progress report on the troop buildup.

"That's what the American people expect. They expect for military people to come back and tell us how the military operations are going," Bush said. "And that's the way I'm going to play it as commander in chief."

Haven't we been here before?

Yes. We have. Back in March.

The House and the Senate fought very hard for the emergency supplemental bill to have time lines as well as a ton of pork stuffed into it to buy and bribe votes. The whole time, keeping our soldiers waiting, the house also rejected outright the Out of Iraq Bill with 59 Democrats voting against that one.

So, after being told that if time lines and all that pork stayed in the bill it would be vetoed, the President did just that, VETOED IT.

In a stroke of genius, he even used a pen, for that veto, that a gold star father asked him to use.

George Bush vetoed the surrender bill today with a pen given to him by the father of Marine Cpl. Dustin Derga, killed in Anbar May 8, 2005. Robert Derga wanted him to use the pen to sign that bill, and called to make sure he was going to do it.

Then the house, after admitting publicly that they knew they didn't have the votes to override the veto, tried to override it anyway and got spanked because they did not have the two thirds majority of votes, the final vote was 222-203.

The Democrats pitched a fit for a while then sent through a cleaner bill without time lines which the President signed.

So, you see what I mean when I say, we have been here before and the Democratically controlled Senate and Congress have learned nothing because they are going to repeat the same thing over again and we will see the same result again also.

Even the few Republican wobbling defections are not enough to obtain the TWO THIRD MAJORITY that is needed to override the next veto.

Obviously they do NOT learn by repetition and they also are having some simple math problems.

For the record Dems: 2+2=4 and it always will.

From the final vote that failed to override the President's veto, 222-203, even if we add 10 to make it 232-193, that is assuming that 10 Republicans would vote to override this time, it STILL leaves them almost 50 votes short of what would be needed.

How idiotic are these people and is it any wonder their approval rating is down to 14% according to the latest Gallup poll and to be fair, Rasmussen's poll a week before had them at 16% ?

They are in a freefall, with no net, and instead of learning, they continue to repeat the same thing over again, knowing what the outcome will be, but telling their supporters that it is different this time.

Funnier still, how stupid are their supporters for believing them, yet again?

So, as we move forward in Iraq and see some surprising success, Congress and the Senate will merrily skip along playing their childish games to shut their screeching far left supporters up, all the while, ignoring the job they were elected to do, which is to clean up Congress of corruption and "legislate".

According to exit polls, done by the very liberal CNN, the "mandate" was to clean up corruption, Iraq was #4, so even THAT is a lie that the liberals keep repeating and their supporters keep believing..

I guess what they say is true, the liberals do not care if they are being lied to as long as those lies match their personal philosophy.

Then again, we have already shown they cannot do simple arithmetic so we really should not be surprised.

Don't forget to take a half hour out of your day and send your Senate and Congress a few hundred emails, we have it all set up where you can copy and paste 50 emails in at a time and have it all done in just a 1/2 hr.

Here are all the email addresses, already grouped for your convenience thanks to Beth.