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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Live Blogging the Senate Immigration Amnesty Bill: UPDATE--CLOTURE FAILS!!!!!!!!---Roll Call Added.

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: 8:29AM- Cloture FAILS!!!!!!!! Reid loses again because of his underhanded attempts to stifle and take our Senators rights away from them.....

We did it folks...hopefully this will be put in the trashcan where it belongs.

Roll call as soon as it comes out.

ROLL CALL!!!!!!!!!

Full reactions from around the web, MSM and Blogs can be found here.

Starting late here so Catch up over at Malkin's site and I will continue updating as we go along, hopefully the vote for cloture will fail in 7 minutes (they are supposed to vote at 10:30am Eastern time)


10:10am Eastern update. Mr. Melodrama, Lindsey Graham is up. “I don’t claim to be on the right or the wrong side of the American people.” No need to claim. It’s clear as day. I need a Dramamine, he’s moving around so much. I feel bad for the C-SPAN cameraman. “This is as good as it’s gonna get.” Mercifully, he has run out of time.

10:09 Eastern update. DeMint — “This immigration bill has become a war between the American people and their government. It’s a crisis of confidence…This vote today is really not about immigration. It’s about whether we are going to listen to the American people…the allocation of time as we approach this vote is very symbolic. the supporters of this bill out of an hour’s time have allocated 10 minutes to the views of the American people.” Urges vote against cloture.

10:06am Eastern update. Corker: “I have voted three times against cloture, and will vote a fourth time against it…A lot of different things at play–compassion, cheap labor, party politics…America has lost faith in our government’s ability to do the things it says it’s gonna do…People feel they are losing their government. Not to people who speak or look differently. They are losing it to a government not doing the things it says it will do.”

10:02am Eastern update. Dole invokes Grassley’s admission that 1986 amnesty was a debacle. My strong view is that it’s not just promises, it’s proof (of border security and enforcement) that people want.” Dole notes that she has met with sheriffs to help enforce 287(g) to deputize local law enforcement to help enforce immigration law.

9:57am Eastern update. Kyl pimps shamnesty. “I hope that my colleagues will accept that doing nothing is not acceptable.” No. Passing shamnesty would be much worse.

9:49am Eastern update. Teddy Kennedy did his best Geraldo impression, likening immigration enforcement to Gestapo tactics. Video coming. Arlen Specter is lavishing praise on the maaaverick, courageous John McCain, pleading to the Senate not to kill the bill.

Dianne Feinstein: “There is no more important bill than this one.” She invokes the NYTimes line about the “threats” being made to pro-shamnesty. She parrots the line that we are stupid, that “people don’t understand this bill…they don’t understand the threat to national security.” Oh, we understand the threat this bill poses to national security just fine. She plugs the Graham amendment. “Puh-leeeease vote for cloture.”

BTW: NR reports that Ensign is a definite no and informed the the White House and McConnell last night.

Okay, now I will start updating s the Senators speak.

7:27 (Arizona time) 10:27 (Eastern)-Right now they are saying their phone lines are jammed and some offices phone systems actually crashed....LOL, KEEP IT UP FOLKS!!!!!!

7:32am- Ted Kennedy is now screaming and yelling to VOTE yes for cloture... he looks like the drunk he is, red faced and I think that slur is permanent now.

7:35am- Quick note here, you can actually see the desperation coming out of the proponents of this travesty bill as they speak. I think they must be doubtful that they have enough votes for cloture.

Keep your fingers crossed.

BTW, if you want to watch thie debate and the cloture vote, Cspan 2 has it.

Interesting that proponents of the bill seem to think anyone against their grand bargain is racist and doesn't want immigrants. They don't understand we welcome immigrants, when they come here legally.


7:40am-Kyl is now saying that enforcing the law isn't possible because they are unenforcable... not true, but Kyl has been lying through his teeth since this started, so why stop now.

I am in Arizona and I am going to do everything in my limited power to see to it that Kyl NEVER gets elected again.

7:43am- We are waiting for the pro-amnesty senators to finish bloviating so we can get down to a vote.

7:49am- They are simply pleading at this point for cloture but the numbers are starting to give me hope... this may head toward the trashcan sooner than I had hoped for.

7:51am-Now Reid is babbling.... YAWN. (He is actually stuttering) HAH, he KNOWS there is a good chance he doesn't have his votes, despite the games, the pork for votes and all the political bickering....heh

Quick note here, when you are emailing the Senators staffs blackberries and emails, be respectful, they wont read ranting, be couteous and polite, but firm...thanks.

More at Hot Air also. Allah sounds hopeful!!!!

7:59am-Reid is deliberately tring to tie legal immigration in with ILLEGAL immigration, intellectual dishonesty at its best as only Baghdad Reid can do it!!!!!!!! He is pleading at this point.

8:03am- I have to show you what Malkin had to say about Reid, cause it is amusing.

10:48am Eastern. Well, here we go. It’s sniveling Harry Reid: “Is immigration a problem? Of course it is. But is immigration a problem limited…to border states, big cities? No. Immigration is a problem all over America.”

Another Sherlock Holmes!

He WAS sniveling too...LOL

8:04am-Taking a vote...will update as soon as I know.

Captain's Quarters is also Live Blogging this.

While waiting for the cloture voting, the Washingtom Times shows us that McConnell is avoiding the whole process. Hiding won't help.

As the Senate Democratic leader pushed his immigration bill through the chamber yesterday, Republican leader Mitch McConnell took a pass on the debate and left his rank-and-file members to fend for themselves.

Mr. McConnell finds himself in the crossfire between a majority of his own senators, who oppose the bill, and President Bush, who desperately wants it to pass. The Kentucky Republican's solution has been to go underground, leaving his party's senators to fight among themselves and with Democrats.

8:10am- Still waiting for the tally of votes. Webb voted NO.... heh

8:14am-McCain just vote Aye, another one of Arizona's Senators that needs to be dealt with, and he can kiss his presidential aspirations goodbye.

8:18am-Burr just voted NO... This is going to be very close.

8:22am-McConnell just voted NO...

For the record, lets be clear what Cloture is because so many think by voting against cloture is is limiting debate when the opposite is actually true.


1.a method of closing a debate and causing an immediate vote to be taken on the question.
–verb (used with object), verb (used without object) close (a debate) by cloture.

See Reid is trying to "limit" what can be debated on, so amendments cannot be considered to make this a better bill.... your MSM touts that GOP blocks debate when the reality is, the Democrat in charge (Baghdad Reid) is trying to close off debate on anything but what HE wants to debate.

Reid is scared of proper debate because he knows this bill wil be shown as the travesty is really is if debate is allowed.

8:29AM- Cloture FAILS!!!!!!!! Reid loses again because of his underhanded attempts to stifle and take our Senators rights away from them.....

8:30am- They cannot get order in the, Reid was stopped from whining.

8:39am-Get this...Reid blames talk radio....look for the fairness doctrine to come up soon and we must be JUST as vocal when it does.

8:44am- I would like to thank every single person that called, faxed, emailed and communicated via any method with our Senate to let them know the American people were overwhelmingly against this immigration bill.

Thank YOU.

9:00am- This is such good news I am making it an open trackback.

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