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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Car Shopping, Open Thread

Blogging late because I am going car shopping today, so, leave hot topics or your blog post to a hot topic, in the comments section, and when I return I will post about them and link to your URL.

Be back shortly.

[Update] Here are a few things to start with:


Capatin's Quarters with "US Captures Two Senior AQI Leaders In Baqubah"

AP reports (it IS AP so take this with a grain of salt)"US may reduce forces in Iraq by spring"

Military News and The Fourth Rail have more Iraq News.


a4-News tells us Fred Thompson is going to announce in Nashville.

North Korea:

AP again saying North Korea is going to set a timeline to shut down their reactor. (I will believe it when I see it)

Other news:

Tanker Brothers brings us "Coalition Country--Georgia"

Fox News tells us that PBS is banning Muslims against Jihad (Go figure)

Another must read issue, from The American Israeli Patriot, via trackback, called "The Taliban's 6 Year Old Suicide Bomber".