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Monday, June 25, 2007

Win32 Trojan RX Virus

[Update] Because I have had 14 emails regarding this and it has hit more people than I expected, I am posting the instructions here on how I removed it from my computer, so people do not have to email me, when they are already having a hard enough time with their systems.

My email response to those that have emailed:

It IS a nasty lil sucker isn't it?

Ok, to start, if you have windowx XP, you can start your computer in "Safe mode WITH networking" by hitting your f8 button as you boot it.

Once started in safe mode, run your virus scan (this will be the first of many times running it, so I hope you are the patient type), then go to and on the right side of page, up top, third option offers a free adware scan for your computer, download it, and run it,
still in safe mode with networking.

Reboot between all scans.

I would also suggest strongly getting Mozilla/Firefox as a browser
because this particular virus is obtained via Internet Explorer.
That is also free.

If you do not have windows XP, then just start in safe mode without networking, but make sure you download the lavasoft AND the mozilla first, then start your scanning.

Another VERY handy scan to get, which is free is yahoo toolbar because it offers a free spyware scan and it also deletes virus's when used.

Took me days of running one scan, rebooting into safemode, then running the spyware scan, then rebooting, then the adware scan and rebooting... you keep doing this until they come up clean.

The reason for safemode while running these scans, is it stops the trojan RX from "hiding".

Make sure also to change your background (this virus turns it RED or defaults it) back to what you previously had it set at, each time) A good sign that your scans are effective is it will finally stop changing your settings.

Here is also a wonderful description of this virus:

Here are also a few free online virus scanners, in case you don't have one yourself:

Here is another one, it takes about an hour, but it works well. Please let me know how it worked and if I can answer any more questions, do not hesitate to ask.

THE MAIN THING TO REMEMBER: each scan gets rid of parts, but you must run them all, then run them again to completely wipe this sucker out.

Do not be discouraged when it tells you that only parts are gone, just move to the next scan and continue.

This should help, mine has been fine for over a month now.

Please let me know how this all worked and if you need any further help.

Many others have emailed me, for some, like me, it took ten different scans and for one man, it took three, but following these steps, so far, has helped almost everyone.



My email is



Out of pocket here folks and using a desktop for my blogging when I usually use my laptop.


Because my laptop has a virus called Win32 Trojan RX, a nasty little sucker that is a bitch to remove.

So, while I am fighting with my laptop, Maggie from Maggies Notebook is going to cross post today for Wake up America with huge thanks from me. (Link to Maggie's wonderful piece here)

Also, Brat from Tanker Brothers has asked for a special post to be cross posted which I will do on the next post.

If I manage to win agaist this virus I will also post instructions on exactly how for anyone else that has been hit by this little sucker...until then..wish me luck.

[Update] So far so good, virus seems to be gone, anyone having this problem, email me at: and I will happily tell you what I had to do to get rid of it.