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Saturday, June 30, 2007

London Terror Plot Update: Cars, Bombs and Airports

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Continuing this story from the previous thread.

More and more stories are coming out about the two cars that were found with explosive materials yesterday, mainly because today, a car rammed into Glasgow Airport.

Quickie recap from yesterday:

I woke up this morning and the first thing I saw was stories about a Car Bomb found in London, then a second vehicle with similiar explosive material inside. Then the Blotter telling us, BIG SURPRISE, that the terror plot involved Islamic Extremists.

Lets see if I can put todays news stories into some sort of comprehensive order for you.

Sky News reports:

The Government has raised the national terror threat level to "critical" after a burning Jeep was rammed into Glasgow airport.

Police say the attack is linked to the two car bombs that were found in the heart of London.

It has also been revealed that one of the two suspects arrested in Scotland was wearing a "suspicious device". Officers would not say whether it was a suicide belt.

Gordon Brown has warned the British people to be vigilant and told them to remain "united, resolute and strong".

The UK is now at its highest threat level - meaning further attacks are expected "imminently".

The PM made a short statement after emerging from a Cobra emergency meeting, where ministers discussed deploying troops at UK airports.

Mr Brown - who was born in Glasgow - said: "The first duty of the Government is the security and safety of all the British people. So it's right to raise the levels of security at airports and crowded places.

"I want all British people to be vigilant and support the police. I know the British people will stand together united, resolute and strong."

Liverpool's John Lennon airport and Blackpool airport have been closed and security tightened at other UK airports. The US has also installed extra security at its airports.

The Jeep Cherokee was rammed into the terminal at 3.11pm on Saturday afternoon.

Lets not forget a Sky News Report says witnesses heard them yell, ALLAH ALLAH!!!!

The Blotter tells us that the US was warned about a "terror threat" two weeks ago.

U.S. law enforcement officials received intelligence reports two weeks ago warning of a possible terror attack in Glasgow against "airport infrastructure or aircraft," a senior US law enforcement officials tells the Blotter on

The intelligence reports also warned that airports and aircraft in the Czech Republic could be the targets of al Qaeda-connected terrorists.

The warnings were kept secret for operational reasons, according to officials. In public, the White House and Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff have continued to maintain they know of no specific or credible threats involving the United States, even though the intelligence reports specify US aircraft as possible targets.

A US official told that the intelligence reports led to the assignment of Federal Air Marshals to flights into and out of both Glasgow and Prague.

Air marshals had been added to flights into and out of Germany late last month, based on similar warnings.

Also from the Blotter, it seems there is a sleeper cell of 20 or more operatives. (Personally I say, if they are now using people this incompetent, we are certainly doing some damage).

Counter-terrorism analysts estimate that the apparently coordinated attacks in Great Britain are the Glasgow3_070630_main work of a sleeper cell that could include as many as 20 individuals.

"You would need that many to pull off three different vehicle-borne explosions," said one former CIA official who requested his name not be used.

A massive manhunt is now underway across Great Britain for at least three suspects who officials say have been positively linked to the Friday attacks by surveillance photographs and forensic evidence, including fingerprints.

Hot Air is allll over this with constant updates, so make sure you visit.

Hot Air has another thread started on this also.

I would show you the AP report, but we have already established the AP makes things up as they go along, so skip it.

Times Online brings us eyewitness accounts:

One eyewitness at yesterday’s attack in Glasgow, Jackie Kennedy, 46, a beautician from the city, described how she watched one of the occupants of the car douse himself in petrol and set himself alight.

“He had a big smirk on his face. He lifted up what appeared to be a five-litre drum, which I think had petrol in it, and set himself on fire,” she said. “His clothes were melting in front of my very eyes.

“The police tried to pounce on him but he fought back and was struggling with them. It was only when a member of the public punched him in the face that the police managed to restrain him. The police were trying to spray CS gas in his face but it was not working. I can’t believe what I have just seen. I have no doubt this was a terrorist attack.”

One eyewitness said : "Some holidaymaker tried to restrain him, then the police came over and wrestled him to the ground - the fire was burning through his clothes - and finally put him out with a fire extinguisher."

Another said one of the men had tried to open the boot of the vehicle but was not successful.

"Police tried to restrain him but the guy was quite strong and he started fighting off the police," he said.

Eyewitness Fiona Tracey, who had been picking up her daughter from the airport, said she believed people were injured in the incident.

"There were people injured, because I've seen them lying on the road," she said. "I was standing next to departures, I heard a great big massive bang, and then all the folk from departures were running through arrivals."

Reactions to this are varied... most normal people see these attempts as terrorist attacks, whether successful or not, there was an attempt to shut down the airport and to kill people.

Other reactions, from the far left liberals leave me astounded at their agility to manage to do the impossible and stick their heads evern FARTHER up there asses than normal. (QUITE A FEAT). I am impressed.

Dr Sanity manages to nail it right on the head and declares those that live in complete denial, INSANE.

I wish I could tell you that the political left in this country was out of its friggin' mind...but I can't, because it is increasingly clear that if you could put all the combined synapses of all the the above bloggers together you would not get a single logical or coherent thought about the war that is being waged against the West by the religion of peace.

These bloggers and many of their readers are on a mission to go where no human has gone before. They are beyond mere denial and delusion; beyond psychosis even. I regularly treat schizophrenics who have more respect for reality.

Then for the best part:

Sadly, they suffer from a totally debilitating disorder: Severe Acquired Leftist Anencephalic Dementia (SALAD). Their minds are simply not there any more! The cognitive dissonance of believing so many bizarre and contradictory fantasies; the mental contortions and fits necessary for them to retain their ideological myths has caused their minds to softly and silently vanish away (that's what happens when the snark is a boojum, you see).

Pretty bad when a real life shrink calls you crazy....jeeeeeez

The Right Wing Nut House also does a little analysis of the left and his commentary is spot on.

Right Truth has some additional thoughts on the happenings in the UK. Since Debbie is one of my guest contributors here, I am going to have to INSIST you go read it. (It is good, she always writes well and has well thought out posts.) Also see this post from Debbie.

Lets not forget the BEST idiotic, insane comment of the day came right from MY comments section!!! YEAAAAAHHHHHH ME!!!!

Its the JEWS fault!!!!!

I laughed so hard I got dizzy.

More from YID with LID, hey sammy, can ya believe the idiocy of the guys comments?

[UPDATE] The Corner brings us the Constable's presser in Scotland:

Latest details on the Glasgow terrorist attack, based on a press conference in Scotland just completed (at 450pm Eastern Time):

Two men in custody—police have not identified them by name or any other pedigree information.

One of them is in critical condition from severe burns and detained in the hospital. There was a “suspect device” found on him, and as a result the hospital had to be partially evacuated. Police were asked whether the device was a “suicide belt” but declined to answer beyond saying the device was “removed and brought to a safe place.”

The other suspect is in police custody.

The SUV used in the attack is still at the airport and still deemed very unstable. Police will not be able to examine it until the specialists give them the high sign. Until then, the airport is considered unstable. The vehicle contained materials that were flammable and that continues to be the continuing concern—police are not saying there are chemical components. As a result of the instability, there are still passengers stuck on the tarmac because it is deemed to be safer to keep them where they are at the moment than to move them.

The police do not know whether there were other conspirators in the car other than the two in custody. There were apparently 30 or more people outside the terminal when the incident happened and police are asking them to come forward and tell police what, if anything, they saw.

It is unclear when authorities will be able to pronounce the airport safe.

Police are deeming today’s attack a terrorist attack that is linked to the two attacks on Friday in London.

[Update #2] 7-1-07- Reports that a 5th suspect has been arrested in connection to the terror plot.

Four suspects were in police custody Sunday _ and a fifth man was under guard in hospital _ after a flaming Jeep crashed into a Scottish airport on Saturday and two car bomb plots were foiled in central London on Friday.

Police said Sunday's search was taking place in a residential area about seven miles west of central Glasgow, about a mile from the airport. The area around a two-story house in Houston, a small town just outside Glasgow, was cordoned off.

Scotland Yard said two people were arrested early Sunday on a major highway in Cheshire, northern England, in a joint swoop by specialist officers from London and Birmingham. Another person was arrested overnight in Liverpool, police said.

Police offered no further details on those arrested.

In Scotland, officers arrested two men _ one of them badly burned _ after a Jeep Cherokee rammed into Glasgow airport and burst into flames. The green SUV shattered glass doors at the terminal entrance, stopping within yard of where passengers were lined up at check-in counters.

Police and security officials said the attacks were clearly linked, adding all three vehicles carried large amounts of flammable materials _ including gasoline and gas cylinders. The chaos over the past two days has raised fears that the type of car bomb attack that have become commonplace in Iraq has now reached European shores.

Britain on Saturday raised its terror alert to "critical" _ the highest possible level _ and the Bush administration announced plans to increase security at airports and on mass transit.

In an interview on British Broadcasting Corp. TV Sunday, Brown, who replaced Tony Blair as Britain's prime minister last week, said Britons face a "long-term and sustained" terrorist threat.

He said that Britain's message to the terrorists must be: "We will not yield, we will not be intimidated, and we will not allow anyone to undermine our British way of life."

Brown said it is "clear that we are dealing, in general terms, with people who are associated with al-Qaida."

I don't know how to get this through peoples heads but al-Qaeda came after us before 9/11 and they continue to try, they recruit using the web, they have online "training" (which could explain why this last attempt was a failure) and they are sending people that are being trained to do only one thing...KILL INNOCENT CIVILIANS. [End update]

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