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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fairness Doctrine Update: Captain's Quarters.

Captain's Quarters is doing live blogging of this issue, so please go there, I can't live blog again

Its tiring.

Michelle Malkin is also covering this:

A little teaser for you.

Roy Blunt: “I’m on the side that this debate does matter. I certainly think this debate is more meaningful than whether the Vice President is part of the executive branch or not. Appreciate majority’s willingness to accept this.”

Serrano (chairman of Appropriations Financial Services Subcmte): Why are you so afraid of something called the Fairness Doctrine?…You act like you have something to lose…You have nothing to fear but your fears (sic) itself.”

Pence: “Despite the gentleman’s assurances, which I completely accept as sincere, what we stand to lose is freedom.”

Giggle moment. Greg Walden, whose family works in broadcasting, starts a statement, but his mic isn’t working. “It’s cruel and unusual for a broadcaster to have his mic turned off!” Mic fixed: What we’re really about here is protecting fundamental, constitutional rights, free speech. Courts have made clear that using the Fairness Doctrine to restrict speech would be unconstitutional.

One-liner: “It’s not my fault that Air America didn’t find a huge audience and went bankrupt!”

Make sure you keep checking back there for updates.

You can find Wake up America's stance on this so called "fairness" Doctrine all on one page here.

Long story short, if we wanted to live in a country that has state controlled media, we would move to Iran or North Korea..