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Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Big Picture

[Updates below] Israel retaliates.

I firmly believe in presenting stories as they come out. I also believe when we read about things, we tend to take it one story at a time instead of looking at "the big picture", that is not all our fault though because events do not happen all at one time.

So once in a while it helps to present everything at once to bring the whole picture into focus, like a puzzle with 500 pieces, putting it together is fun, but seeing it partially finished does not show you the "whole" picture in comparison to the finished product.

With that said, I am going to wrap up a few dangling ends here.

Starting with Harry "Baghdad" Reid:

Ever since Reid declared that we "lost" in Iraq, he has been in a freefall with no net beneath him, getting hit from all sides and according to Rasmussen his approval rating is 19%, just half of Dick Cheney's approval rating.

Then, not learning his lesson he opened that "Ashen piehole" again (Dennis Miller hit that nail right on the head with that comment) and declared our military commanders "incompetent", we even showed you a liberal blogger headlining a post with "Lieberman smacks Harry Reid again, pointing out how extremely weak Reid is.

We caught up?

TODAY we see a comment from a Democratic strategist that echoes the sentiments I have often communicated here at this blog.

In my post "Congress approval ratings lowest in a decade", I said:

Their problem really is simple. They are so busy trying to keep their far far far liberal left (Example: Kos & Co.) voters happy, the ones that would NEVER vote Republican anyway, that they are alienating the moderate Democratic voters and all of the independents as well and those voters have a much better chance of flipping the Democrats off and heading a little farther to the right.

It is that simple and it looks like they just cannot see how simple it really is.

They are going to lose the majority of their supporters to keep a minority of their supporters happy because the minority have bigger mouths and can scream the loudest.

I also referred to this here:

I am going to start with the immigration issue and go backwards in time as we follow Harry's complete stupidity from the beginning of his term as majority leader and when all is said and done, perhaps one day, Baghdad Reid will understand that his freefall is of his own making because after screwing up once, he could have learned, then twice, he SHOULD have learned, but the way he continually sticks his foot in his mouth hoping to calm the anger from his far left liberal supporters, the more the moderate Democrats and the Independents which now probably hold the majority, turn away from him and he loses their approval.

The comment from the Democratic strategist now: (Via NewsBusters)

To set this up, Herridge said (video available here courtesy of Allah at Hot Air):

Gentlemen, let’s start with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. He described the outgoing Chairman of the Joint Chiefs this week as “incompetent,” and a senior commander in Iraq as “out of touch.” Rich, what have your readers been saying about that?

RICH GALEN, REPUBLICAN STRATEGIST: Well, my readers didn’t go quite as ballistic as I did. I, I was, I was truly angry about that, because, I mean, I think that there is a time and a place to, to talk about the way things are going. But that kind of name-calling, and the only reason he used that kind of language was because he was on a private phone call with liberal bloggers.

BOB BECKEL, DEMOCRAT STRATEGIST: Well, that’s the thing that’s amazing to me. There’s no such thing as a private phone call, anyway, let alone with a bunch of bloggers. There’s something about Harry Reid and the left of bloggers that has gotten, there’s a marriage gone on there. I mean, frankly I think they got much too much influence over him. And the idea that he thought he could get away with saying that and it’s not going to get out is crazy.

Thats it in a nutshell.

Now, before moving on to the next subject, I want to correct myself on something I said previously as an update to the Freefall with no net post, as the liberal sites were denying that Reid called General Pace incompetent, Reid was confirming his words and asking everyone to "just drop it", I said:

Please, if any of those liberal sites decide to actually acknowledge Reid's words and tell their readers the TRUTH, please leave me a link in the comment section.

[Update #2] Wow, as much as I dislike most of what Greg Sargent writes, give him a little credit, he DOES acknowledge that Reid said it after obtaining a tape of the conference call, BUT, then turns around, as any good little apologist lapdog would and claims that it was a "context" thing.


See what I meant above when I said they cannot even admit when one of their own does wrong? They always try to "excuse" it, or "explain" it, they can never acknowledge that Reid simply, once again, said something, incredibly stupid and leave it at that.

I point out that comment because today I see that at least one liberal blogger isn't defending nor excusing Reid's big mouth... Taylor Marsh, not a site I visit often, I also rarely, if ever, agree with any of what she writes, but I am trying to be fair here and acknowledge that at least this woman has the honesty to call Reid out and not, as she puts it, "carry his water".

She is disagreeing with the Democratic strategists opinion, but I must point out to her that just because she is not willing to carry Reid's water, doesn't mean that the majority of liberal blogs do not.

From Taylor Marsh's site:

But don't hang Reid's comment about Pace -- or his non-comment if you're one of the people who actually believe Reid wasn't smacking Pace -- around the neck of "liberal bloggers." This one is on Reid. He's all alone, as far as I'm concerned.

After the story broke on, Reid and his office left the entire blogosphere, minus the bloggers on the call, hanging out to dry, choosing not to respond to numerous requests for comment, confirmation, or clarification. We. Got. Bupkis. So not to belabor the point, but I didn't provide Reid any cover whatsoever for his comments about Pace, because he didn't deserve any. Yes, many others did, but on the premise that he wasn't really criticizing Pace, or that criticizing military leaders is justified. That second point is an entirely different issue. As for criticizing the military, I've been on Tommy Franks ever since Tora Bora, but that's a specific charge. Again, as far as I'm concerend anyone can criticize specific acts or plans of action, but let's get serious, shall we? Reid is not the messenger to deliver the "incompetent" lecture.


So, here's a message for Bob Beckel. Not everyone is carrying Reid's water, and he's certainly not carrying ours. If Reid cared about a relationship with the progressive community his office would have returned emails after the "incompetent" comment blew through the web.

I have to point out here that Taylor Marsh may not be willing to carry Reid's water, but I would challenge her to find ten other liberal blogs that make it clear that Reid and his mouth are a liability without "excusing" his words and actions or "explaining" the context of them to take Reid off the hook.

Just because she is willing to call Reid out for his stupidity doesn't mean the Democratic strategist is wrong about Reid and other liberal bloggers.

Now, following that link in her post we see that she was one of the very few liberal bloggers that admitted that Reid's words hurt the party and were pretty stupid.

Her previous post:

However, it doesn't make this event any less newsworthy. "Context" doesn't matter to most people when you hear the quote. Reid said it. It's confirmed. Cable news and talk radio will now be using it forever against Reid and the Democrats. In addition, when you weigh the Congress, which has a 23% approval rating, against what the American people think of the U.S. military, let's just say Congress loses. You don't get anywhere by calling a chairman of the Joint Chiefs "incompetent." If you're going to level a charge make it specific and cite the situation in which the soldier failed. Letting bin Laden go at Tora Bora comes to mind. But blanket charges just won't get the job done.

As much as I disagree with Marsh on almost all issues, I am fair enough to admit, she understands the damage Reid is doing to his party.

If you followed all the links above from the beginning until now, you see the "big picture", not just one story at a time and you see the reason for the poll numbers from Rasmussen, Gallup, IBD, regarding the Democratic party and you begin to understand why they are so low and continue to drop.

The next big picture we are going to show you is Israel. We have done a few pieces on Israel this last week, but since Times Online now has yet another article out today, we must look at this new story as part of the "bigger picture" once again.

I actually put the big picture into a post called "First They Came for the Jews" and HCdl followed up with " The Grass is Always Greener", so a quick recap here:

In the first piece, I asked my readers to learn a bit of history by reading "How much do YOU know about the Holocaust" and "Never Forget", my reason for pointing out the past is because those that remember or have studied history can see we are watching a repeat of history not paying attention to the lessons our history should have taught us about a madman and his capability of creating conditions for the next world war.

In the First They Came for the Jews post, I showed you what Syria is up to with their war preparations, we also show you how Hizbullah is stockpiling rockets on Israel's northern border under the ever blind eye of the UN, and last but not least, Hama's, taking over the Gaza Strip and continuing to fire rockets into Israel's cities.

We have also showed you how the people of Gaza long for the return of the Israeli occupation, because the Israeli's protected them, in "The Enemy of my Enemy", which was backed up undeniably by yesterdays news that the people of Gaza were fleeing, in fear for their lives and exactly who were they going to for protection?

People in Gaza Long for the Return of the Israeli Occupation

Papers reported that some people in Gaza even want the Israelis to return to the Strip. Faiz Abbas and Muhammad Awwad, journalists for the Israeli-Arab weekly Al-Sinara, wrote: "People in Gaza are hoping that Israel will reenter the Gaza Strip, wipe out both Hamas and Fatah, and then withdraw again... They also say that, since the [start of the] massacres, they [have begun to] miss the Israelis, since Israel is more merciful than [the Palestinian gunmen] who do not even know why they are fighting and killing one another. It's like organized crime, [they said]. Once, we resisted Israel together, but now we call for the return of the Israeli army to Gaza."


From the post "The grass is always greener"

Earlier, dozens of Palestinians arrived at the Erez Crossing in an attempt to escape the Gaza Strip and enter Israel. IDF soldiers shot into the air to try to prevent the approaching crowds from infiltrating through the security fence.

Many of the Palestinians arrived at the crossing carrying large suitcases and were planning to run away from the Strip following Hamas's takeover.

One young man shouted "bye, bye, Gaza," and waved as he walked through the covered walkway that leads to the Israeli side.

My my my my my what oh WHAT will the leftist anti-semitic dinosaur media DO now that Israel has been SHOWN not to be the bad guy here?

Yes, Israel. Israel the "occupiers" now being begged to please occupy the Gaza again and take care of Hamas and Fatah. Israel the "bad guys", the "agressors" are now being treated as Israel "The Protecters"... how ironic and if it weren't so sad, it would be laughable.

Caught up again? Good. Okay.

Todays "news".

Times Online tells us that Israel is preparing to do, exactly what they are now being asked to do, attack the Gaza:

ISRAEL’s new defence minister Ehud Barak is planning an attack on Gaza within weeks to crush the Hamas militants who have seized power there.

According to senior Israeli military sources, the plan calls for 20,000 troops to destroy much of Hamas’s military capability in days.

The raid would be triggered by Hamas rocket attacks against Israel or a resumption of suicide bombings.

Barak, who is expected to become defence minister tomorrow, has already demanded detailed plans to deploy two armoured divisions and an infantry division, accompanied by assault drones and F-16 jets, against Hamas.

The Israeli forces would expect to be confronted by about 12,000 Hamas fighters with arms confiscated from the Fatah faction that they defeated in last week’s three-day civil war in Gaza.

Details of the plan emerged as Fatah forces in the West Bank stormed Hamas-run buildings, including the parliament in Ramallah, where they tried to seize the deputy speaker.

Israeli officials believe their forces would face even tougher resistance in Gaza than they encountered during last summer’s war against Hezbollah in south Lebanon.

I also wonder, as HCdl did yesterday, if when Israel does agree to help and attacks Hamas as well as protects the people fleeing to them for protection, if the media will once again ignore the "big picture" and focus on every casualty in the Gaza, continuing to ignore or severely under report every rocket fired from the Gaza into the Israeli cities, hitting high schools, nurseries and civilians purposely, in the medias pathetic attempt to, once again, make Israel "the bad guy"?

I was going to continue with Iraq and the immigration bill in this post, but I see that this post has become very long (due to my diareah of the keyboard again), so that will have to be done separately.

Two big pitcure today, when looked at as individual stories as they happen, it is easy to miss the full scale and to misinterpret things, but when taken in their full context, we see that Reid's mouth and Pelosi's policies are completely dismantling the Democratic party and we see that Israel is surrounded by enemies and will, as any country would, come out swinging to protect themselves and the people of Gaza, and our biased media completely misrepresents most of these stories by ignoring half the information and only reporting what fits with their political agendas.

[Update] NOW we see that not only are they firing rockets at Israel from the Gaza strip, but now 2 rockets have been launched at Israel from the other direction, Lebanon.

JERUSALEM - Two Katyusha rockets fell on northern Israel Sunday, the first fired from Lebanon since last summer's inconclusive war with Hezbollah guerrillas. No one was hurt, but there was some damage, police and the military said.

At least the media, in this case, the AP, reported it.

One of the rockets hit a factory and the other hit a car. Channel 2 TV's Arab affairs analyst, Ehud Yaari, said a splinter Palestinian group in Lebanon was probably behind the attack — not Hezbollah.

The rockets exploded near the northern town of Kiryat Shemona, hard hit during last summer's war, when almost 4,000 rockets were fired at Israel. The mayor of the town, Haim Barbivai, called for a tough response from both the Israeli and Lebanese governments. "Heaven help us if we have another summer like the last one. That would be a tragedy," he told Channel 2.

Eli Bin, director of the Magen David Adom rescue service, said no one was hurt.

Nir Mariash, a local police commander, told Channel 2 that residents in Israel's north were instructed to "to maintain normal life."

The privately owned Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation LBC channel reported three rockets were fired at Israel came from the village of Taibeh, but did not say who fired them.

[Update #2] Israel Retaliates.

Have a nice day everyone!!!!!!!!