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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Carter: A Clear and Present Danger

Jimah Cahtah…Friend of Hamas (Iran)

I’ve got your number, loser.

The singularly worse president in the United States’ history is whining because the US is standing against Hamas and standing with Fatah.

Jimmy Carter is an idiot in that regard and so is the US in the other regard.

Terrorists are terrorists are terrorists. I don’t care which color you paint the turd. It is still a turd; just a prettier turd. A turd is a turd is a turd. Terrorists and turds go hand in hand.

Give Peace A Chance:

June 20, 2007 — DUBLIN, Ireland - Former President Jimmy Carter said yesterday Washington’s support for the Fatah group and the blocking of aid to Gaza were part of a mistaken policy aimed at dividing Palestinians.

Carter, on a visit to Dublin, said the United States and Israel had done “everything they could to prevent accommodation between Hamas and Fatah.”

“This effort to divide Palestine into two peoples . . . is a step in the wrong direction.”

Hell! I remember when Jimmy Doll shiite on the people of Iran and was all pleased with himself when he orchestrated the take over of Iran by “those nice religious people”. What a moron. Stay in Dublin and shove the Blarney Stone up your hinder hole, Jimmy.


Iran and Gaza:

June 20, 2007 — WHO sets Hamas strategy? As the radical Palestinian movement braces itself for what could be a long struggle against its rival Fatah, if not a full-blown civil war, the question merits more than mere academic interest.

Just days after Hamas staged its coup to achieve exclusive control of Gaza, it’s now clear that the military operation launched against the positions of the Palestinian security forces in the strip was never discussed in the Islamist organization’s Consultative Assembly (shura).

Thanks for nothin’, Jimmy.

Former President Jimmy Carter addresses an audience at Brandeis University.
Photo: AP [file]