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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

U.S. Citizens Disqualified from the Work Force: Goal of Immigration Lawyers

Cross-posted by Maggie at Maggie's Notebook, guest blogger and contributor.

h/t to Jim Simpson of Truth & Consequences for posting a link to this revealing video this morning at Maggie's Notebook. In the meantime, the embed link has become available.

The video shows a seminar hosted May 2007 by the law firm of Cohen and Grigsby.
As you'll hear in the video, the seminar instructs employers how to lawfully weed-out job applications submitted by legal citizens, and hire only illegal aliens attempting to qualify for a green card.
"...the goal is clearly not to find any qualified U.S. workers - the objective is to get a person a green card."

Honestly, how can these people, in their spiffy business attire, face themselves in the mirror? Clearly, they have enjoyed the bountiful benefits of this country's work opportunities, but they spend their days denying the same to their fellow Americans.

Note: Early-on in the video a speaker is announced: Jen Peck. She is bloody boring to listen to. Just get past her and you'll get the message.

Video courtesy of
Hot Air and programmersguild

The goal right now is to kill Senate Bill 1639. Look through the links below for substantial information on the impact of this bill on America. We have only a few days left, if that. As you read though the material, look for information on the cloture vote, which ends the debate about the Bill. This vote is the matter what your Senator tells you. It is believed that once the vote passes to end the debate, a few Republican Senators will be "allowed" to vote "no" on the actual Bill so that they will continue to receive 2008 election campaign funding from lobbyists. The Senate knows, however, that these "no" votes are not enough to keep the Bill from passing. America needs your voice this week.

For everything you ever wanted to know about illegal immigration, go the homepage for NumbersUSA.

You can send a free fax, without a fax machine at NumbersUSA. They will give you text for the fax, you can change it where you want to change it, or create entirely your own message.

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