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Friday, June 22, 2007

In the News and Blogs: 6/22/07

Starting with some very interesting, informative, important posts by bloggers, we have Right Truth with two must see pieces (actually more so while you are there, browse her site and be prepared to make her a daily read).

Some turning against Israel - is the answer a healthy dose of neutron bombs?
Elections matter and here's why.

Then head on over to Bottom Line Up Front and read her latest, then again, browse the site. This is another blogger that always brings more information than you find elsewhere as well as bringing you what the MSM refuses to show you.

Hot Air, Sister Toldjah and Maggie's Notebook all have damn good thoughts and words, as well as new information about the supposed "fairness Doctrine" and those behind the effort to bring it out of the trash and back into our future.

Freedom Ain't Free and Take Our Country Back has a great piece on Iraq and more on Harry "Baghdad" Reid.

There are many more wonderful blogs and posts in the My Reads blogroll, so take some time and look through them.

Today in the News:

Times Online has the transcript of an interview with General Petraeus.

The Philidelphia Inquirer tells us more good news about Iraq.

UPI/Zogby shows polls and numbers about the overwhelming disapproval of the American people about this Immigration travesty that our politicians are trying to shove down our throat.

The LA Times shows us that Michael Moore might just be more of a problem than a help to our Democratic Presidential hopefuls....heh.

The LA Times again, but this time an Opinion Piece telling Bush to Call out the Dems Bluff.

Much more, but for this morning, this has been my reading....

Other news for today brought to us by The American Israeli Patriot via trackback.

Church Leaders Against the “Occupation” from The American Israeli Patriot

Hamas MP: Jihad and Martyrdom are Obligatory for W from The American Israeli Patriot

Dear Mr. Fantasy from The American Israeli Patriot

Go take a look, great info there.