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Monday, June 18, 2007

In the News Today: Reid, Unions and the VETO Pen

A few interesting articles today for your reading pleasure.

First, Wapo has a piece called Bush's Veto Strategy, which shows that Bush plans on using the Veto Power the President holds liberally.

Addressing a Republican fundraising dinner at the Washington Convention Center on Wednesday night, President Bush declared: "If the Democrats want to test us, that's why they give the president the veto. I'm looking forward to vetoing excessive spending, and I'm looking forward to having the United States Congress support my veto." That was more than blather for a political pep rally. Bush plans to veto the homeland security appropriations bill nearing final passage, followed by vetoes of eight more money bills sent him by the Democratic-controlled Congress.

That constitutes a veto onslaught of historic proportions from a president who did not reject a single bill during his first term. Of the 12 appropriations bills for fiscal 2008, only three will be signed by the president in the form shaped by the House. What's more, Bush correctly claimed that he has the House votes needed to sustain these vetoes. The unpopular president is taking the offensive on fiscal responsibility. After bowing to Republican demands on earmarks, Democratic leaders face a battle of the budget.

Good. Theres the man I voted for, now if he will only listen about the immigration bill.

The Opinion Journal has a piece about Reid, his bending over and taking it up the know what.... for the lobbyists, even knowing his efforts will be vetoed and it will be a complet waste of taxpayers money.

Harry Reid hopes to help unions deprive workers of their right to vote.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has decided to hold a vote this Wednesday on perhaps the most unpopular element of the Democratic agenda. The Employee Free Choice Act has already passed the House, but now it faces real hurdles in the Senate because, contrary to the name, it undermines workplace democracy.

Under the so-called card-check bill, a company would no longer have the right to demand a secret-ballot election to certify a union, thus stripping 140 million American workers of the right to decide in private whether to organize.

Republican senators, except possibly Pennsylvania's Arlen Specter, are uniformly opposed to the idea. "We went to the secret ballot in the early 1800s in this country for a darn good reason: If somebody's looking over your shoulder, your ballot doesn't mean much," Minority Leader Mitch McConnell says, noting fears of intimidation by unions should the bill pass.

But conservatives aren't the only ones concerned. A February survey of 1,000 likely voters by McLaughlin Associates found that 79% of respondents oppose the bill, with only 14% in favor. Even Democrats opposed the idea, 78% to 16%.

Now, now, Baghdad Reid, shame on you, thats not nice!!!! Thats ok though because if you read above, the Presidents veto pen is ready to stab your black heart out anyway.

Definitely head on over and read the rest of that article...

Reuters tells us that "Newly empowered Democrats draw wrath of voters".

Gina Cobb dissects the story as well as showing the poll numbers, better than I can do here, so please head over and read her wonderful piece.

The last paragraph of this Wapo piece says alot about Baghdad Reid's cluelessness:

Asked about the recent comment by Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (Nev.) that Petraeus's optimistic assessment of security in Baghdad indicated that the general "isn't in touch with what's going on," Petraeus said that he has tried "not to pull punches" and to "present both the good and the bad." His report in September, he said, "will be a forthright assessment of what we've achieved and what we haven't achieved."

Give it to Reid, he is right...the General isn't in touch with what is going on...IN WASHINGTON, the General, rightly so, is more concerned with the happenings on the ground in IRAQ, a place where Baghdad Reid is very out of touch with.

Note to Reid: Petraeus is too busy trying to win the war on terror to pay attention to your rhetoric and lies as well as your complete commitment to surrending to our enemies... so leave him be, he is BUSY.

It still amazes the hell out of me that Reid thinks he knows more from his little throne in Washington that General Petraeus does from the ground IN IRAQ.

Then again, Reids mental disease there, is echoed by quite a few people that believe if they read the newspapers and watch enough CNN, they are better informed than our Generals and troops on the ground.


In the meantime, Baghdad Reid continues to ignore the progress the Iraqi leaders are making on political fronts as well as security and economic reforms. He also ignores the US and Iraqi forces moving on the insurgents now that the last brigade arrived as of last week.

Last, but never least, following up on my previous pieces about Israel, found here, here and here, we see that today Abbas is ready, willing , able and eager to get down to business with peace talks with Israel.

About damn time.

I am out of here for a while... have fun, leave any comments below.